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    How to Spend Your Time Profitably While Driving

    Image Author: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/stockbroker It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without cars. We do spend a lot of time driving. If you don’t like to waste your time, keep on reading this article to learn 5 productive things to do while driving. Driving is not a quality activity for development of our brains, it […]

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    Average PDR Cost: How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?


    You backed into a mailbox. Another driver rear-ended you at a stop sign. A brief hail storm passed through the neighborhood.  Whatever the reason, your car got dented. Now you’re trying to figure out the best way to remove the dent for the least amount of money. In most cases, paintless dent repair is the […]

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    Top 7 Key Motorcycle Safety Tips You Should Know


    Did you know that motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than car passengers? In 2018, 4,985 motorcycle riders were sadly killed in accidents. Whilst riding a motorcycle can be a fun way of getting from A to B, if you do not take the proper safety precautions, you could be seriously […]

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    What to Look for in a Car Air Compressor

    Picking out the best air compressor for your car can be a challenge if you don’t know what features to consider. In this aspect, knowledge of the basics is a must to make sure you’re not buying an air compressor that’s made for other purposes. To make the process easier, we’ve made a list of […]

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    5 Must-Have Safety Equipment for Every Motorcyclist

    Every time a motorcyclist climbs on his or her bike and gets on the road, he risks his or her life. They are far less protected than those in vehicles since occupants in vehicles are protected by car manufacturing – all a motorcyclist has is his or her person. It’s even worse when negligent or […]

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    Why Is My Car’s Engine Making a Ticking Noise?


    Car engine problems come in many forms and have many different signs something is wrong. Most commonly, though, you’ll hear some sort of noise that indicates there’s an issue. Occasionally, you may hear a ‘ticking’ sound. If you do, there’s some information that you’ll need to keep in mind. Not sure where to start? Don’t […]

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    What Are Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

    Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun, and many bikers are proud to take care of their machine. But it comes with its risks, and unfortunately, some are deadly. People are 29 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury while riding on a motorcycle than in a passenger vehicle. Motorcycle accidents can cause […]

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    How CBD Can Improve Your Next Road Trip

    Road trips are a fantastic way to go places. Being able to stop and take in the sights make it much easier for you to appreciate just how far you are going, and admire the beauty of the country around you. On top of that, road trips are often cheaper and allow you to reach […]

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    6 Facts About Traumatic Brain Injuries and Car Accidents

    Every year, approximately 50,000 people die from complications related to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Year after year, car accidents are one of the leading causes and result in thousands of trips to the Emergency Room annually. If you have been injured in a car accident, it’s important to seek help immediately. Here are some facts […]

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    5 Steps to Take If You Have an Accident in Your Rental Car

    Whether you have hired a rental car for business purposes or to go on vacation, the last thing you want is to find yourself in a car accident. Unfortunately, car accidents can and do occur, so it’s crucial that you follow the correct protocol to ensure you and your party are safe, and to avoid […]

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    What Does the Future of Self Driving Cars Look Like

    Self-driving cars are set to transform the transportation industry. They offer many benefits, such as improved road safety and freeing up time for people, as they can use their time to do more productive things instead of having to focus on driving during their commute.  Since the start of commercial auto production, the industry has […]

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    Are Vehicle Dash Cams Really Helpful? Do They Help in Cost Reduction?

    Our vehicles have now become extremely feature-packed. Not only are we playing multimedia on the go, but we have the liberty to even doze off while putting your vehicle on autopilot. However, that’s not the one recommendation you should be taking away from here right now. What you should be taking away is just how amazing […]

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    Things To Consider When Choosing A Windshield Repair Service

    Windshields are an essential feature of every vehicle. It mainly offers protection against the weather. These also allow visibility on the road to the drivers and passengers of the vehicle, which can reduce fatal vehicle accidents in some cases. Given the importance of having a windshield, you should only hire the best service provider. Here […]

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    Amazing Tips For Paying Less For A Hot Hatch

    A “hot hatch” is a term used to describe “sporty” hatchback cars. One of the best-known examples of a hot hatch is the Volkswagen Golf GTi.  A lot of people think that such cars are only sought after by boy racers. But, the truth is, millions of motoring enthusiasts around the world buy hot hatches.  […]

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    Is it Safe to Drive under the Influence of CBD?

    Ever since its legalization, CBD has been the topic of discussion everywhere. As more and more use cases of CBD have emerged, people have wondered whether it is legal to use them. Driving while on CBD is one such case that has been widely debated.  First of all, please note that it is perfectly alright […]

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    Advice For Teaching Your Teen To Drive

    Young people who have just obtained their driving license (or are in the process of doing so) must make sure they respect the road safety code and rules put into practice everything they have learned in their courses. Unfortunately, far too many accidents involving young drivers continue to occur across the country which is why […]

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    Best Way to Polish a Car With a Random Orbital Sander

    Have you just bought a new car and want to make sure it keeps that new car look? Or are you doing up an older car, and want to make sure it is shining properly? You may be wondering whether to polish your car by hand. However, while this may be a cheap option, polishing […]

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    Tips For Staying Safe While In An Uber

    A shocking report released by Uber revealed that more than 3,000 users reported incidents of sexual assault in uber rides in 2018. While this number may represent a small fraction of Uber’s enormous user base, it’s still an alarming statistic for people who depend on the service to travel safely. Uber regularly updates safety tips […]