Porsche Vision GT, Australia’s i30 Sedan N, And 45mph Electric Ferrari: Your Morning Brief

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Lexus May Not Top The Sales Charts, But It Does Top Dealers’ Brand Preferences

Lexus may not have stood a chance against the big boys like Honda and Ford when it comes to sales, but that doesn’t matter, because a luxury brand is supposed to be admired, and after Lexus was rated number one in the summer 2021 National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) Dealer Attitude Survey, followed by its parent brand Toyota, it’s clear that the automaker has created some dependable vehicles.

Porsche Vision GT Digital Concept Car Paves the Way for Future Electric Sportscars

Porsche just unraveled the electric Vision GT, and before you get too excited, it might be worth noting that it is “just” a virtual racing car that will run its course on the upcoming Gran Turismo 7, set to debut on PS4 and PS5 on the 4th of March next year. While Porsche enthusiasts will only ever be able to get behind the wheel of the Vision GT on the simulator, Porsche claims that the vehicle isn’t just a radical design to wow critics, but more of a “realistic look into the future”, which could mean that the Vision GT might just be a glimpse of what is expected by Porsche ahead.

2022 Hyundai i30 Sedan N Is Australia’s Ultimate Version Of The Elantra

The Elentra was Hyndais’s first American-made sedan. It made its way down to Australia shortly after that. Prices for the i30 Sedan will start at AU$49,000, excluding on-road expenses. Available in seven colors, the i30 Sedan N will feature the same 2.0L turbocharged motor as the U.S. model. The only change is the suspension which will better adapt to local road conditions.

The 2.2-Liter Inline-4 is what almost every motor on sale.

Recently, it seems that the 2.0L four-cylinder inline-four engine is a very popular trend within car manufactures. Many of the affordable cars we see are inherited from one. According to DriveTribe, this equation isn’t a coincidence. In fact, it’s claimed that the 500cc per cylinder is a Goldilocks figure, allowing engines to work at their optimal level when in that range.

Road Legal 45 MPH Ferrari Electric Vehicle for $110k It Nearly Happened, Until It Didn’t

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There was a lot of buzz surrounding the $2 million SP3 Daytona, which was named in honour of the 330P4, but it seemed like the Italian automaker was planning to release their first ever road-legal electric vehicle in retroform for half the cost. This idea came to him while he was building the Testa Rossa J. It is a 70% scale replica of the 1950s 250 Testa Rossa. The Testa Rossa J currently is being built by The Little Car Company, on behalf Ferrari. However, if the $100k+ Testa Rossa J were to be adapted as a quadricycle would mean that Ferrari’s first road-legal EV would be a 45mph slug, but sadly, they declined.

QOTD: What’s The Worst Car Name Of All Time?

It must be difficult to name a car that millions will love or hate. There have also been some odd names over the years. Names like Dodge Dart Swinger or Isuzu Bighorn were probably inspired by the belief that cars and sexual appeal are inextricably linked. But names such as Vauxhall Adam and Mitsubishi Lettuce in the small car segment are a head-scratcher. It’s hard to explain to people that you own the BMW X5 XDrive350.

News: What else is happening?

F1 Championship Rivals, Leveled on Points, Only One Round ToGo 

F1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Max Vertappen were equal in points heading into the final race. One of the most controversial races at the Saudi Arabia circuit was the inaugural one. Hamilton claimed Verstappen brake-checked him.

Uber will pay $9,000,000 in Assualt Case

Uber to pay $9m for California complaint regarding its reporting of sexual assault and harassment in California. BBC. This settlement will reduce the possible 59m penalty, and it will also help pay for passenger safety promotion.

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