Saudi Muroor Issues Guidelines on Replacing Driving Licenses for Returning Expatriates

The General Directorate of Traffic has approved the replacement of former driving licenses for expatriates (expats) who previously left Saudi Arabia on a final exit visa. This decision was made to ensure that these individuals have the proper documentation to drive in the country, especially if they have returned to live or work in Saudi Arabia. 

How to Replace a Driving License in Saudi Arabia for Returning Expatriates?

Expatriates in Saudi Arabia who have updated their identification numbers can now replace their driver’s license with the following steps:

  • Go to the Saudi Traffic department
  • Request to issue a new driver’s license with the updated identification number

How to obtain a Driving License in Saudi Arabia for Returning Expatriates?

If expatriates want to obtain a new driving license, they must adhere to these procedures.

  • Meet age requirement: Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Provide medical report: Expatriates must provide a medical check-up report
  • Submit Civil Affairs ID copy: A copy of the Civil Affairs ID is required
  • Provide photos: Six photos, sized (4X6) cm are needed
  • Pay fees: The required fees must be paid
  • Bring a file: A file is needed to save the documents

General Saudi Arabia’s Traffic Laws & Regulations for Expatriates

The Muroor has emphasized that expatriates with expired driving licenses must settle any traffic fines accumulated before applying for a new license. This is an important step in the process of obtaining a new license because it ensures that the individual is in compliance with Saudi Arabia’s traffic laws and regulations. Aside from paying any fines, Muroor has made it clear that a medical examination is required before a new license can be issued.

This exam is intended to assess an individual’s mental and physical ability to operate a vehicle safely on public roads. The Muroor has emphasized that the issuance of a new license is subject to the successful completion of both the payment of fines and the medical examination.

Saudi traffic authorities have made an important announcement regarding expatriates with a visit visa who wish to drive in the country. According to popular belief, these individuals are permitted to drive a vehicle for one year using either an international license or a valid foreign driving license, whichever document expires first.

This is critical information for expatriates visiting Saudi Arabia who want to drive while there. The use of an international license or a valid foreign driving license is subject to the traffic authorities’ conditions, which are designed to ensure that all individuals operating vehicles on the roads are qualified and competent drivers.

If expatriates plan to stay in the country for an extended period of time, a one-year period gives them plenty of time to obtain a local driving license. This announcement provides a practical and convenient solution for visitors to Saudi Arabia who wishes to drive while there.

In conclusion, obtaining a new driver’s license in Saudi Arabia requires patience and attention to detail as there are several steps to be completed, starting with obtaining a medical certificate, followed by a written exam and a driving test. Finally, the expatriate can apply for a new driver’s license issued by the relevant authorities.

Author: Doug