Seven Tips To Keep Your Car in Good Condition

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A car is often the most expensive investment of people that they purchase after saving money for years. Several people consider cars as their muse and pamper it as if it is a human being with emotions, and ignoring it may hurt its feelings. It is the lifeblood, and people depend on it for various things. Your car breaking down is the worst nightmare; people dread it and strive hard to avoid it.

Car experts comment that people can avert many car problems if they care for car maintenance and do not wait for their vehicles to break down to take them to the workshops. Cars require owners’ time, attention, and tenderness to keep them running.

With multiple products emerging in the market and several technologies popping up claiming to take care of automobiles, car owners are confused in selecting the right products. They search for tested tips and tricks to help them maintain their cars and avert the need to spend money on car repairs.

Below are some tips that will help to keep your car in good condition:

  1. Inspection

The key to keeping your vehicle in the appropriate condition is not to wait for it to start showing problems before taking it for inspection. Car owners must be vigilant. They may feel that their automobile is working fine and not showing any sign of impairment; they do not need any inspection. They should still take their car for regular checkups.

Moreover, car maintenance is all about quality. People must ensure that they contact trustworthy mechanics for inspection. Some states and cities have laws regarding safety inspection for vehicles. For that, you can act according to the local law. You can search online for government fees or inspection charges for your car. For instance, if you live in New York, you can search online by typing “How much is a NYS inspection” to know the exact details of the charges.

  1. Take Care of Three Bs

The three Bs in car maintenance stand for brakes, battery, and belt, which are three significant car components. Most people look after their batteries and check on them; they often neglect to check car belts and brakes. Modern cars have advanced braking systems that need replacement frequently. It keeps them in an apt condition and gives the best performance. Furthermore, brake fluid should be at the required level, and people must take action before it goes down.

Similarly, they must frequently check their car batteries. People must check the acid level, be vigilant while adding water, and keep the battery clean and cables tied. Belts are the crucial moving parts of the car engine. People must check their car belts monthly to determine any signs of erosion, cracking, or tension.

  1. Change the Oil Regularly

Even people possessing mediocre knowledge about car maintenance understand that changing car oil is a must. Modern engines do not require as frequent changes of oil as the older ones did. Today, experts recommend changing the oil after 5,000 or 7,500 miles. Everyone must check and change car oil in regular intervals. Drivers who take cars out in harsh weather, do more stop-and-go driving and have car idling a lot may need to change oil within less duration. People must seek professional recommendations and use super-quality oil to keep the vehicle in good condition.

  1. Visit Reputable Mechanics

Most people try to avoid car mechanics and strive to take care of their automobiles by themselves. They must realize, ‘the work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it.’ They may have learned the ins and outs of car maintenance; still, they should take their cars to workshops now and then.

Many car mechanics may be a novice and try to experiment with your precious car. You may not want your vehicle to become a victim of some unskilled professional. Car owners must ask in their circle and visit only reputable mechanics who have gained a reputation of keeping cars in great condition.

  1. Use Appropriate Tires

Tire maintenance is a critical factor in keeping the car in an up and running condition. People must regularly inspect their tires and see their pressure. They must know how to keep the tire pressure, as their knowledge ensures that they get good gas mileage. Moreover, car owners must ensure that the tires are inflated as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. They must learn to indicate warning signs and pay heed to them before they blow out and put the car in critical condition.

Flat tires are hazardous and can cause accidents. People must take preventive measures to ensure that tires do not blow out. Unlike car batteries, belts, or other components, car tires need a weekly inspection. People must replace them when they become worn out.

  1. Keep the Vehicle Clean

Although most car enthusiasts strive to keep their cars spot-free and clean them regularly, still, some people show negligence. Messy cars may not exhibit warning signs, but accumulated dust or mess slowly damages cars’ functionality, making them vulnerable to a slight bump.

When people purchase new cars, they vow to keep the car body intact and keep it clean. However, as time passes, they become careless and do not pay much attention to cleanliness. They must know that to maintain cars in an appropriate condition; they must keep their automobiles clean.

  1. Test the Lights

Headlights are for safety and generally do not break easily unless they get into serious accidents. People often do not realize that their car bulbs fluctuate and need replacement until it is too late. Broken or burnt-out bulbs can get people tickets and can cause accidents. People must learn how to check their car bulbs and do so regularly to prevent any major expense and, in worst cases, accidents.


People look for a secret formula to ensure that their cars stay maintained and do not break down. They understand that their vehicles demand proper maintenance, and ignoring it can lead to malfunction, requiring them to spend money. The majority of car owners look after their cars and strive to keep them functional. Still, some are careless and do not think of maintenance until their vehicle starts showing some trouble.

Car maintenance is not a one-time job, and people need to frequently check their car oils, brakes, and battery to keep them functional for a longer duration. The use of high-quality products and frequent visits to professional car mechanics keep the automobile in good condition.

Author: Doug