Shared Rides are here. Shareable Sidecars for 50% Less

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We know price is your #1 decision factor when choosing your ride and that’s why we’ve built  Sidecar to be the most affordable rideshare service. Well, we’ve got some BIG news. Now you can take Sidecar for 50% less, or just a little more than you’d pay for the metro or bus. Introducing Shared Rides. It’s like Sidecar but twice (or three or four times) as awesome. When you select Shared Rides within the Sidecar app we’ll match you with someone who is going your way. If matched, the app will automatically split the price with other riders and everyone saves BIG – up to 50% big or more.

13,000 People Have Already Booked a Shared Ride on Sidecar

People love Shared Rides. In fact, since we began testing on May 15 in San Francisco, 13,000 people have requested a Shared Ride. We will begin rolling out this service in all of our markets before the end of the year.

Sidecar Drivers Can Double Their Pay

Shared Rides is big news for drivers too because it reduces prices and increases demand in a way that benefits BOTH riders and drivers. Everybody wins! Sidecar drivers can now make more money with higher fares, longer rides and shorter waits between rides. In fact, our drivers are earning on average 40% more since we began testing Shared Rides in San Francisco in May.

Shared Rides are Greener and More Fun

Shared Rides are about more than cash savings. It offers benefits like saving time and connecting with people through fun experiences. In fact, 75% of people who shared their Sidecar thought it was a positive experience.

Shared Rides are awesome for cities too. It takes cars off the road, saves space by curbing the need for parking, cuts down on traffic, slows street wear and tear and reduces pollution. Did you know that 76% of work commuters drive alone? Well, more than half of Sidecar riders use Sidecar for their daily commute. If these Sidecar riders get into a car together we can make a real difference in our wallets and our world.

Sidecar is uniquely capable of matching multiple riders going the same direction because we know everyone’s destination. We are leveraging this knowledge to offer unbeatable prices for riders and increase driver earnings. Shared Rides opens the door to safe, affordable and accessible transportation for people who might otherwise find services like Sidecar cost prohibitive. This is the key to taking rideshare mainstream and Sidecar holds it

In the coming months, we’ll introduce more products and features that will make your Sidecar better and better.

Ride on!

The New Sidecar Has Arrived

Shared Rides are here. Shareable Sidecars for 50% Less