Shopping for Garage Doors 101

Garage doors are not exactly something that people shop for every day. In fact, for most of us, they are a purchase we’ll only make once or twice in a lifetime. However, as they are so important, especially in terms of a property’s curb appeal, shopping for them when the time comes can be a little daunting. Get it wrong and the whole world – or at the very least your whole neighborhood – may be pointing out your mistakes.

Because this is a decision and purchase most people haven’t made before, meaning that they are far from familiar with the concept, here are some things to keep in mind while finding, and purchasing, the garage doors that are just right for your unique home.


The appearance of garage doors is usually top of mind for those purchasing them and for good reason as they take up a good deal of a home’s ‘outdoor real estate’ and will have an immediate impact on its overall curb appeal from the minute they are installed.

Some thirty or forty years ago consumers often had very limited options available to them. They could choose wood or steel and the color range available spanned from white to beige and not too much further than that. Fortunately, all of that has changed.

According to Garrett Waldrop, founder of a garage door company in Atlanta, “Modern garage doors are available in a huge array of designs and colors, and can easily be customized to complement the rest of a home’s exterior perfectly. It’s now long been realized that garage doors are more than just functional necessities; they offer property owners the chance to upgrade both the function and the look of their home.”


The appearance of a set of new garage does is very important, but so is their potential longevity, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency. To be most efficient, garage doors need to be durable, relatively easy to maintain and well insulated. There are many options out there to choose from and for each individual consumer, material choice should take into account things like local climate and their personal willingness to invest time and money in maintenance.  

Wooden garage doors, for example, are a draw for many because of their classic, slightly rustic appeal. They may, however, require extra care, in the form of repainting and re-staining that a more contemporary alternative, like aluminum or steel, do not require.


As previously mentioned, garage doors are not a purchase you’ll make often and they do have a major impact on the look and function of any home. As such, they are not a home purchase that should be done cheaply. According to Remodeling Magazine, garage doors are actually one of the better purchases a homeowner can make in terms of return on investment, with an average 90% ROI. Therefore, spending a few dollars extra to get the garage doors you really want will rarely be money wasted, especially if you plan to sell the property sometime further down the line.