Should I buy a car in Belgium?

Between Germany and France lies a small European country – Belgium. A small state in terms of area and population, in which about 5 million vehicles are registered. Considering that about 11 million people live in the country, it turns out that every second person owns a car. After Germany and France, Belgium ranks third in the export of used cars to Eastern Europe, which indicates the popularity of Belgian cars.

What caused the popularity of Belgian cars

Should I buy a car in Belgium?One of the key differences in the Belgian car market is the developed insurance system. Even with minor damage, the car owner is compensated for the costs, so after an insured event, the Belgians often sell the old car and buy a new one.

Thus, the low price and popularity of cars from Belgium are due to three main factors: insurance, transparent history, real mileage. We list the main advantages of used cars from Belgium:

  • a wide selection of high-quality and modern machines;
  • a true history of the operation of the car;
  • real mileage (it makes no sense to interfere with the operation of devices – there are many cars with low mileage on the market, and cars with large numbers on the odometer are in excellent condition);
  • regular and high-quality maintenance, accurate operation.

Belgium is a country of wealthy people, so there are many expensive cars with rich equipment. In the secondary market, they are sold at fairly low prices. There are cars from the diplomatic fleet here, which are also in impeccable technical condition.

To search for a used car, internal or pan-European online platforms are used. In order for the purchase to be profitable, you need to be well-versed in the legal aspects of regulating such transactions, as well as the rules for exporting used cars from the country. Therefore, in this case, it is better to give the advantage to specialized companies that take over the entire process: from collecting the necessary documents to bringing the car into the country, for themselves.

The Belgian secondary market offers new and used cars, the sellers of which are private individuals, dealer companies, car dealerships.

What does checking a car by VIN code give?

Should I buy a car in Belgium?Buying a car in the secondary market involves several risks. To make the purchase process easier, and to avoid further material costs and legal problems, services have been created to check the VIN codes of vehicles. In response to entering a unique identifier, the system generates a report containing facts from the history of the operation of the machine. The amount of data in the report is enough to draw conclusions about the appropriateness of the purchase. Checking the VIN code of a car from Belgium is guaranteed to make your transaction safe.

You can get a report for free and for a fee. Even a free report contains so much data that can make a transaction safer. The paid version of the report can become a solid foundation for a successful transaction.

The report contains the following information:

  • car status (mortgaged, scrapped, etc.);
  • car mileage on a certain date (falsification of odometer readings);
  • whether maintenance has been carried out;
  • number of car owners;
  • operating conditions of the vehicle (for example, cargo and passenger transportation);
  • facts of participation in road accidents;
  • theft;
  • restrictions on the operation of the machine;
  • insured events;
  • vehicle characteristics, equipment and its changes during operation.

How important is checking a car by VIN code

Everything that they try to hide from you during the sale can cause large material costs in the future or even the complete loss of the car. Please remember that most of the stolen cars are sold on the secondary market and that the car that is wanted is often found out after the transaction. To find out whether the car is stolen or not, you only need a VIN code, a specialized service – and a few minutes.

There may be legal restrictions on the operation of the machine, and participation in an accident may cause hidden defects and malfunctions. You will learn about all this from the report.

Author: Brandon Park