Should I Wrap or Paint My Car?


Everyone knows that beautiful people experience special benefits. Why wouldn’t the same be true for a beautiful car?

If you’re considering revamping your car’s exterior, you may be considering a car wrap vs paint. Both options cost money, so to see which one is the most cost-effective, evaluate their pros and cons.

A car’s exterior is one of the most visible parts of a car. Without a nice exterior, all other upgrades and custom parts will go unnoticed. To find out which method is best for your car, check out the guide below.

Car Wrap Vs. Paint

When choosing between a paint job or a car wrap, consider the factors below.

The Protection Difference

Most car owners want their exterior to be durable. Whether it’s a car wrap or paint, it should protect itself from natural elements like the wind, the sun, and water. Over time, these things damage the appearance of a car.

In this case, a car wrap wins, hands down. Vinyl car wraps place another material on the car panels and that protects the car more than any paint can. 

The Price Difference

Cost is a huge factor to consider before committing to one choice. A quality paint job is almost always more expensive than a car wrap. And, of course, you don’t want to risk poor quality with a budget paint job. 

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, a car wrap is likely the best option.

The Time Difference

Another big factor in this decision is time. Can you afford to give your car away for more than a week? A skilled automobile painter needs hours and hours of time to prep the car before they even start painting. 

Wrapping a car, on the other hand, is a much faster process. It should never take more than a few days to the most complicated job, saving you time. 

The Car’s Condition

Unfortunately, not all cars are ideal for a wrap job. Damaged car panels will be strikingly obvious with a car wrap. Additionally, as an adhesive, the car wrap needs a study panel to adhere to. If there is rust present, it will inhibit the adhesive’s abilities. 

If you have car panels that are rusted or dented, those are things that need to be fixed before looking into a car wrap.

Cleaning and Maintaining 

Car wrap requires far less maintenance than a paint job. Although it’s a good idea to wash it regularly, it won’t suffer chips and rust the way that a paint job will. The best part is that you will never, ever need to wax it.

More Auto Advice

Deciding between a car wrap vs. paint is simple if you know what you want. You also need to know how much money and time you have to spare.

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Should I Wrap or Paint My Car?