Six Examples of Deep Cycle Batteries

Between 2020 and 2025 the deep cycle battery market is expected to grow by $2.31 billion.

A deep cycle battery can supply steady power over a long period of time and are generally an excellent choice for maritime vehicles.

There are several types of deep cycle batteries with different strengths and weaknesses.

For six examples of different deep cycle batteries on the market, keep reading.

1. Crown 6V Flooded CR305

The CR305 was originally designed for use in golf carts but is also suitable for renewable energy applications, aerial access equipment, personal carriers, and more.

Sometimes also called FLA, lead-acid, or wet-cell, these are made up of a container that houses lead plates or grids. The container is also filled with a liquid electrolyte mix (commonly sulfuric acid and water).

While charging and discharging a chemical reaction takes place, producing gases that are then vented from the battery. This causes the electrolyte level to drop, so it needs topping up regularly.

In many applications, the ratio of weight to the amount of energy provided is quite crucial for the battery. In this aspect, FLA batteries are quite heavy, and as such, they are declining in popularity.

The usable capacity of an FLA battery is generally between 30 and 50% of its capacity, and it can be overcharged or undercharged. The charging efficiency of an FLA battery is roughly 70-85%.

FLA batteries have previously been very common due to being the oldest type of car battery. They are also very reliable, and the cheapest type available.

It is important to keep them upright to prevent any of the electrolyte mix from leaking. The lifespan of these is also shorter than other types of batteries, and more maintenance is required to keep them functioning properly. FMA batteries will usually last for 300-500 life cycles.

The CR305 6 volt deep cycle battery is available for $235.00 with a 3-year warranty.


  • Rated capacity: 6V / 305Ah / 1442Wh
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.19 x 7.19 x 14.13 inches

2. DieHard Platinum AGM H7-AGM

DieHard Platinum AGM batteries can have a life span up to twice that of an FLA. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a type of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery containing lead plates, with thin fiberglass mats in between them. These mats function as a damper for the lead plates, making the battery resistant to vibration and shock.

The mats also absorb the electrolyte mix inside the battery to stop it from moving or spilling and make the battery more capable of withstanding cold weather.

AGM batteries charge faster than FLA or Gel Cell batteries due to low internal resistance. The charge efficiency is generally around 95% and the Depth of Discharge (DoD) is around 80%.

They require no maintenance and do not need to be kept upright like FLA batteries. The share speed and durability are also ideal.

As would be expected, they are more expensive than FLA batteries and are sensitive to overcharging, meaning you will need a regulated charger.

The H7-AGM is a 12v deep cycle battery suitable for vehicles with heated seats, reverse cameras, navigations, or other high-demand electrical features that put more of a load on the battery.

It is also well suited for operation in cold temperatures and experiences minimal corrosion to help extend the life of the battery.

This battery is available for $209.99 with a 3-year warranty.


  • Rated capacity: 12.0V / 80Ah
  • Reserve capacity: 140 min
  • Weight: 51.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.44 x 6.94 x 7.5 inches

3. Renology Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12 Volt 100Ah

Gel cell batteries are another type of VRLA (like AGM batteries mentioned above). The electrolyte used in these is in the form of a gel, usually made up of water and sulfuric acid suspended in a silica agent.

A charge efficiency of 85% and no off-gassing are two main strengths of these. Like AGM batteries the positioning of the battery doesn’t matter, and these have extremely good heat tolerance.

Renology builds batteries to be tough, and this one is completely leakproof. Corrosion-resistant grids help extend the lifespan to 12 years, and they can manage over 750 cycles.

High purity metals give it long shelf life, with a self-discharge rate below 3%. This is five times less than a typical FLA.

Two of the main disadvantages are related to charging; these cant be fat charged, and the electrolyte is sensitive to overcharging, which can even cause irreparable damage.

Because of this, you will need a regulator and special charger as a standard deep cycle battery charger may damage the battery. It is available for $219.99 and comes with the standard 3-year warranty.


  • Rated capacity: 12.0V / 100Ah
  • Charge voltage: 14.4-14.6V
  • Weight: 63.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.9 x 8.7 x 6.8 inches

4. Enduro Power Baja Series Lithium Battery EN300BAJA

Enduro Power strongly focuses on lifespan for all of its batteries. This battery can perform well for up to 3500+ cycles, which is around five times as many as traditional batteries. As a lithium battery, it also requires no maintenance throughout its life.

The weight is about half that of a regular lead-acid battery but provides triple the power.

Dynamic low-temperature charging protection is present on all Baja Series batteries, and they can be connected in series or parallel as needed.

The ratio of size to power makes this battery perfect for a number of applications such as boats, recreational vehicles, trolling motors, and more.

This battery is available for $1,699.00 and Enduro Power has enough faith in this battery to give a 10-year warranty.


  • Rated capacity: 12.8V / 300Ah / 3840Wh
  • Charge voltage: 14.4-14.6V
  • Max charge rate: 200Ah
  • Max discharge rate: 200Ah
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 10.6 x 8.7 inches

5. Duracell Ultra Flooded 950CCA BCI Group 31 Heavy Duty Battery SLI31SA 

Deep cycle batteries can also be categorized into groups as follows:

  • Group 31: 75 to 125 Amp-hours
  • Group 27: 66 to 110 Amp-hours
  • Group 24: 70 to 85 Amp-hours.

These ranked size numbers are set by the Battery Council International (BCI) based on a battery’s size and description.

This model from Duracell is an FLA and is most suited for commercial vehicles – often found in John Deere and Case Corp vehicles.

It has a lower price point of $146.99 but only comes with an 18-month warranty.


  • Rated capacity: 12.0V / 300Ah / 3840Wh
  • Cold-cranking amps: 950
  • Weight: 56.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13 x 6.75 x 9.5 inches

6. LifeLine GPL-4DAP Battery

Lifeline produces very high-quality batteries. This AGM model is ideal for boats/maritime and recreational vehicle applications.

The US Navy and US Air Force have used Lifeline for research and development and production of sealed lead-acid batteries for 15 years due to their quality and reliability.

This is the most expensive battery on this list with a price of $872.70.


  • Rated capacity: 12.0V / 210Ah
  • Cold-cranking amps: 1360
  • Weight: 149.99 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20.76 x 8.7 x 9.4 inches

Deciding Between Deep Cycle Batteries

These are just six different examples, but there are many more deep cycle batteries on the market with different specifications and levels of quality.

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Author: Brandon Park