4 Different Types of Cars That Are Reliable and Safe

There are so many choices when looking for a car to suit our needs these days. Yet, last year people spent an average of six hours online shopping for a car. So, of course, knowing what types of cars to look for is logically the first step.

But one of the most important things to consider is whether the vehicle is safe and reliable. Of course, style is always a key factor, but it doesn’t mean much if the car is in the shop all the time.

So if you can’t decide between the different types of cars to buy, keep reading. Here’s a guide to the most reliable and safe vehicles on the market today.

Luxury Cars

If you are planning an investment in the types of car names with prestige, there are a couple of winners for safety. The Audi A6 and A7 both scored high in the IIHS test for safety. And the A6 Allroad scored best in several categories.

The Allroad’s smooth and efficient powertrain will make any road adventure comfortable. And the roof test score for crush strength is among the best in the industry. The A7 is bigger and faster if sportiness is what you want in types of car models.

One new favorite luxury types of car brand getting noticed are Genesis. The entry-level G70 scores were high in crash tests. And it’s loaded with driver-assist features as standard equipment.

The Genesis G90 is a step up from the smaller G70 models and has earned a place among the luxury class’s best types of car names. The G90 is elegant in design and one of the safest cars on the road. The car also comes equipped with the latest assistive technology and adaptive headlights.

Sedans and Hatchbacks

With so many different types of cars to choose from in this category, it can get confusing. But some brands stand out year after year as reliable and safe options. And in these types of cars, Honda leads the pack.

The Honda Accord has earned awards as 10Best thirty-five times. So you know this is a reliable and safe investment. The mid-size sedan continues to score high with IIHS. And the LX and Hybrid models get good headlight ratings.

The smaller Honda Insight also scores well in crash tests. And Insight received a good rating for child safety. In addition, Insight comes standard with LED headlights.

The much improved KIA K5 and K5 GT line has become one of the safest mid-size sedans on the market. If you are not familiar with these types of car names from KIA, it’s because the name has changed from Optima.

If accessible cargo space is part of your car-buying plan, the Mazda 3 has the favored hatchback option. Safer than the larger crossover version, the Mazda 3 gets superior ratings in crash tests. The vehicle also comes with pedestrian and lane departure warning systems.

Of course, if a larger Mazda is on your shopping list, the Mazda 6 is among the most consistent types of car brands for safety. The base model comes with adaptive lighting. But the Grand Touring Reserve, Signature, and Blackout models have LED projector lamps.

SUVs and Vans

For the driver seeking off-road adventure, it’s hard to beat Subaru for reliability. The Outback is one of the few types of car models left that classify as a wagon. The trend continues for the entire Subaru line in maintaining a safe reputation.

And when only larger SUVs will do, the Volvo V60 and V90 score high. The full-size V90 is the standard in crash test safety ratings. In addition, both types of car models come packed with accident prevention systems. And, another excellent feature is the semi-autonomous drive mode.

If room for more family or cargo is your priority, you can’t go wrong with the Toyota Sienna. These types of cars have come a long way from the original minivan. The Sienna has standard luxury features to rival many other types of cars, and it scores high for safety.

Toyota is one of the few automakers committed to improving the minivan experience. Yet, you can find these cars and many others at Gates Auto. So if you decide to go with more technology, there is one more option.

Going Electric 

Tesla began the first types of electric cars with models that were out of most people’s price range. But the Model 3 has given more folks an affordable choice for switching to electric. In addition, the Tesla Model 3 went beyond expectations for safety in six categories.

The Model 3 has a superior rating in tests for vehicle-to-vehicle crashes. And Tesla is the most advanced system available for pedestrian warning. The smallest version of the Tesla line also ranks safer than the Model S.

If smaller types of electric cars are in your plans, the KIA Niro EV might be an excellent option. This small electric has a competitive price tag and good safety ratings. On the other hand, the KIA Seltos is a size up and equal in safety.

Several Types of Cars to Choose

Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down the choices available. So making a list of priorities is a great place to start. Then, when you know the only types of cars that interest you, your search is simpler.

Yet, several types of car names offer features for a safer ride. But few also deliver reliable and smooth driving. Of course, style is always an essential element in buying a vehicle.

It’s a good thing there are many options available to find your best ride. And if this article gave you some options to consider, cruise back again for more valuable tips.

Author: Brandon Park