Someone Hit Your Parked Car. Now What?

Two damaged cars after the traffic accident

Car accidents happen. But when you’ve parked your car and someone hits it, you never know what might happen. A person may choose to stay at the scene of the accident, or they can look both ways for witnesses and leave the scene.

Hit and runs are on the rise.

Let’s go through a few scenarios of what may happen.

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Your car has been hit. You can expect the following scenarios to play out:

1. The Other Person Left a Note and Contact Information

The opposing driver was responsible, and instead of fleeing the scene of the accident, he or she decided to do the right thing and leave a note. A note containing the person’s contact information is a good thing.

You can choose to get the person’s insurance involved, or you can choose to ask the opposing driver for money for the repair if it’s small.

Sometimes, it may not be worth filing a claim because the $100 repair for the small scrape on your vehicle is much less than a deductible payment. In this case, the opposing driver may choose to give you the $100 to make the repair.

2. Your Car was Hit and the Person Chose to Flee the Scene

When a hit and run occurs, a lot of people chose to flee the scene. People don’t want to get in trouble for their actions, and there’s always a chance that they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A car accident can be devastating, and when there are no witnesses, it’s easy to leave.

If this happens, you have a few options. One option is to assess the damage and determine if it’s viable to take further action. You may not want to call your insurance company because:

  • Damage is too little
  • Deductible is too high

Collision coverage will help you make repairs, but you’ll need to pay for the deductible. You also can strengthen your claim or seek out the identity of the person that may have hit your vehicle.

A few options are to:

  • Ask around to see if anyone witnessed the accident and can provide you with information about it.
  • See if any stores or homes have video footage of the event.

Shops and businesses may have surveillance video that you can request if the incident occurred outside of their establishment. The goal is to find the person who hit the vehicle and hold them accountable for their actions.

If you happen to be in the parked vehicle and are injured, you’ll want to seek medical attention and file a claim. You never know what injuries may present themselves after the accident. You may also have to consider future medical bills as a result of the injuries.

Filing a claim will allow you to seek the medical attention that you need.

If the driver doesn’t have insurance, you may have uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance policy, which will cover the expenses.

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Someone Hit Your Parked Car. Now What?