Stellantis targets $22.5B in revenues from software and subscriptions by 2030

Software will continue to be an important part of automobiles, regardless of whether it is popular or not.

This means that major automakers must have software developers who are competent. However, there is also great potential for revenue growth.

Stellantis announced this Tuesday, announcing that the company aims to earn approximately $4.5 million in software subscriptions revenue by 2026. It also plans on aiming for $22.5 billion per year by 2030. The products can be classified into data as a services, features on demand and fleet services. They also include estimates of vehicle prices and resale values. Stellantis mentioned a mileage-based program for insurance.

Stellantis has developed three artificial intelligence-backed software platforms to make it all possible: STLA Brain SmartCockpit, STLA SmartCockpit, and STLA AutoDrive. Stellantis revealed that these software platforms will become available starting in 2024 on the four Stellantis electric-vehicle platform. Stellantis added 4,500 additional software engineers to help develop them.

Stellantis brands

Stellantis brands

STLA BrainThis platform will serve as the software and hardware backbone for Stellantis’ future line of products. It allows vehicles and trucks to connect to the cloud and allows them to receive more sophisticated over-the air (OTA) updates. Stellantis claims that this platform will allow software developers to quickly create new features and services, without the need to purchase hardware. The platform will allow vehicles to stay up-to-date for longer times than it is possible currently.

STLA SmartCockpitThis is the platform that connects the vehicle to its occupants. This joint venture is between Stellantis Taiwanese contract maker Foxconn. It includes digital instrument clusters as well infotainment (navigation.voice activation.e-commerce) and telematics. Stellantis, Foxconn and other companies are exploring manufacturing of semiconductors for Stellantis customers and others.

STLA AutoDrive: The platform was created for self driving technology. Stellantis will first offer self-driving technology developed in partnership with Intel Mobileye and BMW. STLA AutoDrive’s driver assistance features will be ranked at level 2 of the SAE self-driving capabilities scale. This means that the driver must monitor all aspects at all times. The capability to upgrade via OTA updates has been also confirmed at Level 3.

These software-based capabilities will allow customers to personalize their vehicles in a way they have never experienced before. Stellantis’ 14 brands will no doubt have user-linked profiles which customers can use to transfer vehicles between them. This could increase retention rates.

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Author: Brandon Park