The Best Self-Balancing Electric Unicycles for Commuting

The daily commute is one of life’s most uninspiring necessities. Getting to and from work is – for most of us – something we do twice a day, at least five days a week, and it can be a chore doing the same trip, the same way, day after day. If you have a long commute – one that takes in public transport or needs a car – you still have the same problem when you get into town: the walk from the bust stop or car park to your place of work.

So, we’d like to tell you about an alternative vehicle for commuting, and it’s one that can be used for short journeys of all kinds. It’s also great fun, surprisingly convenient and compact, and easy to use. What are we talking about? The electric unicycle! 

Now we know what you’re thinking: mention unicycle and you immediately bring to mind those tall, ungainly machines that acrobats and clowns ride in the circus of your childhood, but that’s not what we mean at all! The modern breed of electric unicycle is a different beast altogether, thanks to technological advances that make them much more stable and easier to ride.

Get Around Town

Indeed, a lot of people now choose to use an electric unicycle to get around when in town, and the best models are self-balancing, so you only have to concentrate on where you are going! When we began looking into these quite amazing, very useful and great fun devices, we were quite surprised to find so many different makes and models.

If you go to you will see what we mean! There are many on the site to choose from, and you can get a great idea of what they are all about. Keeping it brief,  they are single-wheel devices that are powered by an electric motor. The battery will be rechargeable, and the range, speed and specification of the unicycle will depend upon the model itself.

As for price, there’s something for every budget when it comes electric unicycles. At the lower end of the budget is the MonoWheel V2 which you should be able to find for around $500. This one will give you a 10mph top speed – that seems pretty quick when you’re standing up and on one wheel – and a range of 18 miles, and comes with Bluetooth speakers and extendable handlebars.

At the other end of the price range – be prepared to pay around $2000 – is the amazing Rockwheel GT, a model designed for performance and also for off-road use. With this one, you can experience riding at up to 30mph, and a full battery will get you 40miles! That’s pretty impressive by any standards.

If you think one of these could make your daily commute easier, or simply want one for getting around or for fun, check out all the models on offer at the website we mentioned, and join the trend that is changing the way we get around the city.

Author: Brandon Park