How To Find Affordable Airport Parking Solutions

In 2018, 1.4 billion people traveled to different countries in the world, as reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Due to people’s study, work, and leisure, they’re required to travel to different places. One of the most significant issues that they encounter around foreign places is finding a decent spot to park their vehicles. 

As they travel from time to time, they need a parking spot that can secure the safety of their cars for extended durations, as with Dia Parking. For some people, this can be a bit challenging, especially on tight budgets. 

Since airport parking, especially long-term ones, is expensive, travelers and car owners are on the hunt for affordable airport parking solutions. Through these alternatives, you can conveniently, safely, and efficiently park your car without spending bucket loads of money. 

Here are some tips for finding the best and most affordable airport parking solutions:

Find Driveway Rentals

Parking your car is now made more accessible, through finding airport parking on Parkhound, which presents two available options. The first option includes placing vehicles at car parks near airport terminals, but even though they cost less than airport parking, they’re nonetheless expensive for an average person.

The second option has to do with the fact that driveway rentals now open opportunities for drivers on tight budgets, as they offer parking spaces inside their residential property for less cost. Looking at the resident’s perspective, it’s another advantage for them since they earn additional money by simply renting out driveways that they don’t utilize. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: property owners gain extra cash while drivers get to find parking spots for a fraction of the price.

For greater convenience, find driveway rentals near airport terminals. Since the airport’s closer to these driveway rentals, you can easily park your car for a specified period, take a short walk, ride a cab or public transportation to the airport, and expect that your vehicle will be safely stored while you’re away.

Use Automated Parking Systems (APS)

For drivers who don’t mind spending more than driveway rentals, they can engage in another parking option that supports sustainability and eco-friendliness for the environment. 

Through automated parking systems (APS), you can readily park your car despite the large volume of cars. In airport parking, you’ll find it difficult to park your car, particularly during major holidays where there’s twice the load of vehicles that are looking for a parking spot. 

Moreover, most APS exists in driving and automobile apps, so you’ll obtain a painless way in finding your parking. As you engage in an automated parking system, you’ll be easily informed if a parking space is available for you. Unlike conventional parking, you don’t need to idle and drive around the whole parking lot to find a spot, reducing the production of carbon dioxide by a whopping 85%. 

Comparing APS to traditional parking methods, automated parking systems consume 50% less volume and 70% less space with the average number of cars it can hold. 

Another disadvantage on your part is that automated parking systems can cost a bit, but it’s certainly more cost-effective than regular parking as you emit less exhaust gas.

Search for Airport Hotels

If you’re designated in flights with early departures and late-at-night arrivals, taking public transportation during this time of the day can be stressful. As an alternative, try booking at an airport hotel prior to your flight, preferably 6-10 hours before your flight to have a great hotel stay. This method of parking for long trips is more cost-effective in the bigger context, even if you don’t lodge too much inside your hotel room.

For instance, off-site parking around the airport’s vicinity can cost $100 for ten days. However, there are various airport hotels that offer bundles and promotions – checking in for only one night can guarantee already 14 nights of free parking plus back and forth shuttle for a lesser price. 

Airport hotels provide these kinds of promotions as affordable parking solutions are definitely their selling points. Even without spending too much time on the hotel’s amenities and facilities, at least you can find the solution for parking your car and saving more money. 


While traveling to different regions can already be expensive, it’s more convenient to save up more money by finding more affordable parking spaces. Instead of settling with one option upon arriving and departing, which are airport parking, do a fair share of being more responsible to your expenses and find affordable airport parking solutions that can be found anytime and anywhere. 

After finding and inquiring about various parking services, it may not occur to you, but you’ll save more money and headache in the long run. 

Author: Brandon Park