The Best Ways to Safely Clean Your Brand New Car

Buying a car is quite an intense job. Selecting a model, getting the best deal possible, and filling out the paperwork are just a few tasks in the long and tedious process. Caring for your new car need not be as intimidating.

For many people, washing their car is an incredibly satisfying and therapeutic act. This becomes even greater when the car in question is newly-purchased. Frequent car washing is actually one of the best ways to maintain the new appearance of your car, which is why you should take your ride to a car wash regularly or hire a mobile car wash service to get it properly cleaned. If you have some free time to spare, you can also take care of your car by yourself, but we would like to warn you that, even though car washing seems like a simple task, there are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind so that you don’t accidentally damage the finish or scratch the paint.

Invest in a Quality Car Wash Product

Only a few of us realize the importance of investing in a specialized car wash product. Not only are these products specially designed to protect the paint, but it is also mild enough to not have a corrosive effect on your car.

Using our daily household cleaning products such as dishwashing detergent, hand soap, shampoo, or glass cleaners may strip the protective wax off your car’s paint. This is simply because they are not designed for use on automobiles.

A lot of people skip purchasing car wash products because they see it as an unnecessary expense. Well, considering the amount of money that you spend on purchasing a new car, a few extra bucks shouldn’t be an issue. This is especially true when one considers that it will help to save you money by prolonging potential paint jobs in the long run.

Embrace the Brilliance of a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are actually a genius invention when it comes to cleaning your car. Not only will the job get done quickly, but it will also be thorough. Before you use a pressure washer, it is important to place your car in an open space with plug points for you to connect your equipment to it.

You have to choose a pressure washer by taking into consideration the appropriate power and water flow. The former is expressed as PSI (pounds per square inch) whereas the latter is referred to as GPM (gallons per minute). What you need to keep in mind is that the higher the PSI, the higher will be the force of water when it leaves the nozzle of your pressure washer. Similarly, the higher the GPM, the more amount of water will be released by your pressure washer.

While you are at it, you also need to pay attention to the different sizes of nozzles that can be used with a pressure washer. The interesting part here is that the nozzles are color-coded. Stick to buying green or white nozzles, as they work best for new cars.

Move Your Sponge Lengthwise When You Clean Your Car

You should always move your sponge in straight lines across the different parts of your car. By moving it in circles, light scratches called swirl marks can create on the car’s body.

Remember to use separate sponges for your wheels and tires, as well as the hood of your car. Your wheels may contain sand particles, debris, and dirt that can have a harsh effect on the finish of new cars. You need to be very careful when you use anything on the body of the car. It’s also advisable to not place the sponge on the ground directly to eliminate the risk of it picking up particles that may scratch the paint or mar the finish.

Spend Time Polishing the Finish of Your Car

We would like to clear a common conception first – polishing is different from waxing.

With the help of car polish, the finish of your car will shine due to the buffing effect. Polishing your car will smoothen out any surface imperfections and scratches. You should always spread the polish over the car’s body and then gradually increase speed to work in the compound.

Finish the Car Wash with a Waxing

As mentioned above, waxing is a different step. It protects the car’s finish from natural elements while lending it a glossy look. You can either opt for the newer synthetic polymer waxes or stick by the tried-and-true carnauba wax.

Apply the wax on a foam applicator and rub it into the finish. Follow it by using a microfiber towel to wipe off the haze from the wax. There will almost always be an instant glossier change in the look of your car after you wax it. 

Pay Equal Attention to the Inside of Your Car

A lot of people have swanky car exteriors but the inside is a different story altogether. While it’s true that, in the case of new cars, the inside is more or less clean, older vehicles’ interiors are often less clean. As a result, it is better to religiously clean the inside as well.

Slide your car seat forward and use a vacuum to suck any extra dust and dirt from your console, headliner, door panels, and other nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to spray an aerosol can to de-stink the interior.

Keep a Leather Cleaning Kit in Your Car

If you are one for luxury, there are higher chances of you buying a car that has leather upholstery. One big con of leather is that it’s high maintenance and appears to have immense class as such, which makes buyers opt for it, regardless.

Keeping a leather cleaning kit may sound like too much, but it can actually help you keep your brand-new car look the same for a longer time. A stain can become permanent in as little as 24 hours. Instantly cleaning stains will help to stop the stain from becoming permanent and make removal easy too.

Pretreat the stained area with the leather conditioner and then wipe it with the ink lifter. After about 30 seconds, use a clean cloth to wipe the area. Finish by applying the leather cleaner and protection cream. This will keep your leather protected and will maintain its brand-new appearance.
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Author: Brandon Park