The Most Common Car Problems and Solutions

Are you wondering if your car is making a strange noise? Do you notice that your headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be? Are you having trouble shifting into the park?

Problems with your car may seem overwhelming. The good news is that many issues are common, and there are easy ways to solve them. If you’re new to car repair, we’ve got you covered.

This article lists various car problems and how to fix them. Read on to learn how to tackle those most common car problems.


Overheating is the most common car problem, and it can be fixed relatively easily. If your car starts to overheat, the first thing you should do for car maintenance is pulled over to the side of the road and turn off the engine. This will prevent further damage to your engine.

Once the engine is cool, you can check the radiator for any leaks. If there are no leaks, the problem is likely a clogged radiator. You can fix this by flushing the radiator and adding new coolant.

Dead Battery

If your car battery is dead, the first thing you need to do is figure out why. If it’s a matter of a loose connection, you can probably fix it yourself. If the battery is old and needs replacement, you’ll need to take it to a mechanic or a car dealership.

Once you know why the battery is dead, you can take the necessary steps to fix it. If it’s a loose connection, you can tighten the terminals. If the battery is old and needs renewal, you’ll need to buy a new one and have it installed.

Tire Pressure

With the hot weather upon us, one of the most common car problems is tire pressure. So, it’s important to check your car’s tire pressure regularly, ideally once a month. If you’re not sure how to find it, there’s a sticker in the driver’s door jam that has the recommended tire pressure for your car.

If you find that your tires are low on pressure, you can use a tire pressure gauge to add air. Most gas stations have air pumps that you can use for free. Be sure to check the pressure again after you’ve added air to make sure you don’t over-inflate the tires.

If you’re still having trouble with low tire pressure, you’ll need to take the car to a mechanic to get it fixed.

Cracked Windshield

A cracked windshield can be caused by some things, including flying debris, hail, or even rocks. While it may seem like a minor problem, it can be quite dangerous. If the crack is big enough, it can obstruct your view of the road and lead to an accident.

One of the best car solutions to address this problem is to replace the windshield in an auto glass repair shop. However, if the crack is small enough, you may be able to repair it with a special resin. This is injected into the crack and then cured with ultraviolet light.

Common Car Problems and How to Fix Them

The most common car problems are often fixed with a few simple solutions. But if you are not comfortable working on your car, it is best to take it to a mechanic. Remember, it is important to maintain your car to avoid more serious and expensive problems down the road.

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Author: Brandon Park