The subtle power of the electric vehicle revolution

The automotive industry is one of the most long-standing and necessary industries in the world. After all, this is the industry that has essentially been single-handedly responsible for continuously driving forward transportation evolutions since the invention of the wheel. Throughout the years, there have been many great iterations of the industry, each of them incorporating the latest and greatest concepts, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies to elevate and excel their ideas into fluid motion. Whether it is looking for Sydney’s leader in new car ceramic paint protection, or incorporating the latest and greatest innovations into automotive models, this is an industry that is always striving for more.

The latest and greatest technological wave to disrupt and revolutionise the automotive industry is the introduction of the electric vehicle. For so many years, this was not a reality but a plot summary in a hundred and one blockbuster films, winning television shows, and best-selling novels, but now we are seeing the first electric vehicles roll out of the manufacturer and onto the roads – and the world is mesmerised.

The EV revolution becomes a reality

The EV (electric vehicle) revolution has been powering forward for a few years now, but in recent years it has become a full-blown reality that the world has steadily fallen more and more in love with over time. Electric vehicles are all about convenience and efficiency striving to successfully meet power and style. And if the models currently on the roads and in progress in the manufacturers that sell these vehicles are anything to go by, electric vehicles not only meet their own expectations, but exceed them by miles and miles.

The necessity of Evs becoming more mainstream than niche

Up until this point, traditional automotives have been undeniably efficient, but not so healthy for the air we breathe or the environment around us. This is a reality that has been festering around us for decades now. There was a specific need for a more sustainable approach to automotives. And then the electric vehicle essentially evolved from being a concept into being a reality, and everything started to change for the better. Now, as the technology is getting bolder, smarter, and more capable and efficient all around, the prices of these electric automotives are becoming vastly more affordable, effectively turning the electric automotive revolution from a niche into a mainstream reality.

The automotive manufacturers powering forward the movement

Tesla, and CEO Elon Musk, have always been at the centre of the electric automotive revolution. Tesla is renowned all around the globe for its innovations in automotive empowerment, and Musk himself has been quite outspoken about the evolving role that electrical technology is playing in all aspects of life – especially the automotive industry. Tesla is a company that follows closely in the footsteps of its founder, and the passion to be forward-thinking and efficient consistently drives the electric automotive revolution forward. Today, we see Teslas peppered throughout the vehicles driving on roads around the world; tomorrow, electric vehicles will hopefully make up the majority of traffic – if not the entirety.

Author: Brandon Park