Tips for Cheaper Motoring in 2021

We are all looking for ways to reduce our outgoings, as we spend most of our time chasing the dollar, making sure we have the cash to live the lifestyle we do, and one area where savings can be made is motoring. When you factor in everything, maintaining and running a car takes a large chunk of your earnings, and with that in mind, here are a few money-saving ideas to reduce your motoring costs.

Partly Worn Tyres

You would be surprised to learn how many people change their stock wheels and tyres for a wider set of rims, indeed, many tyre shops now have a ‘partly worn’ section, with tyres that have another 6-12 months of life left in them. You probably know that you should never change a single tyre; they need to be changed either by the pair (front or back), or all 4 at the same time, and periodical swapping of front and rear wheels ensures even wear.

Re-Conditioned Auto Parts

We all know how expensive a new alternator would be, yet if you visit the car breaker’s yard, you will likely find a re-conditioned unit at less than half the price. Most yards issue a short warranty with the parts and they can easily be located with a Google search. Components include, water radiators, water pumps, alternators/generators, brake & clutch master cylinders, front & rear lights and even interior parts, should you need to replace seats or the steering wheel.

Vehicle Insurance

Check out, where you are sure to find a cheaper deal than your existing insurance and it is very easy to switch; all can be completed online. The online broker has a working relationship with all the major auto insurers and can therefore quote lower premiums and if you have no-claims, this brings down the costs even more. Most people who are curious, find that they can actually save quite a lot by switching insurers and the best time to start saving is right now.

Change your Driving Habits

If you drive like Lewis Hamilton, this would use a lot of fuel and by simply changing gear a little earlier and avoiding red lining, you already cut down on fuel consumption. When accelerating, rather than putting your foot to the floor, hold it just above the speed you wish to go and a few seconds is all it takes to reach that speed.

If you are a performance driver, then it’s a question of trade-offs that you are prepared to make in order to bring down the fuel bills, but the more you compromise, the cheaper it becomes. You might want to consider car-sharing, which is a great way to give your car a rest.

Buy a Mountain Bike

While this won’t replace the car, any short trips could be on the bike, saving you from using the gas guzzling motor that is your pride and joy, plus you will get fit and enjoy good health with regular exercise.

It is essential to ensure that you and your car are always legal and follow the Highway Code when driving, which will reduce the risk of an accident.

Author: Manager