Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Tracking Your Company

ISIO (which stands for International Security Industry Organization) estimates that their market will go beyond seventy billion dollars in the next year. The price of gps continues to plunge, so many more businesses want to install them to track company trucks and cars. It gets even more interesting, and profitable, when tracking medical patients and inventory from warehouse to delivery destination. This kind of data service is experiencing a boom market, and so far there are no indicators to show that it will slow down any time soon. The time to invest and create is now. Depending on the apps and software you use, like GPSWOX, you can start your own GPS tracking company for as little as ninety-nine dollars each month.

Let’s break this down into the five big reasons you want to get in on the ground floor of GPS right now:

Startup costs are low

As stated above, for as little as ninety-nine dollars per month you can create a startup GPS company for any number of different clients. Just take a moment to think of all the many things, and even people, you wish you could track at least part of the time. Parents want to track their children. Businesses want to track the whereabouts of their company vehicles and have a delivery routing app to help the business run faster. You can even set up a company that will track the location of takeout orders for individual restaurants — so that algorithms can tell the restaurant just where most of their customers are at. If you’ve got the time and the ambition and the brains, the seed money will take care of itself.

It’s a wide open field

The GPS industry is still in its infancy — and that means that state, federal, and foreign governments have not even begun to regulate and tax it. It’s wide open to anyone with an original idea and the fortitude to stick with it. Gamers are using GPS tracking apps right now to follow such crazy things as a brick that is being passed around Europe, and a ten-Euro coin that has now made its way to China. And there’s nobody looking over their shoulders, trying to crab their game or grab a piece of the pie.

The price is only going to get cheaper

What’s not to like about a product that is only going to get less expensive as time goes by? You’ll never have to offer a bargain or make discount deals. If a potential customer doesn’t like your current price, you can confidently tell them to check back in two months and it’ll be less.

The money is solid

Just like everyone has to have a cell phone today, by next year everyone is going to want to have a GPS tracking device for home and for the office. This is not a fad that’s going away — it’s a technological leap that is growing exponentially. Those on the ground floor will have to work especially hard to lose money in this industry in the next few years.

Easy startup

There are no forms to fill out, no government agencies to deal with. Find the app you want to use for your unique GPS company, advertise online, and you’re in business.

Author: Brandon Park