What to look out for When Buying a used Car

Used cars in Abu Dhabi have been a hot commodity in the recent times due to the hefty price tag of a brand new car coupled with the rapid dip in the depreciation rate of new cars. 

Whilst getting a new car out of the dealership is a different feeling altogether, buyers ought to be smart with their choices to invest in new cars. A used car could be a more viable option for you. 

Cars for sale can be put on the market with undisclosed damages, which can become an expensive issue for the potential buyer.

Well reputed companies like Carswitch will have standardized checklists that you could use before buying a used car. Here are a few basic ones that will help you get the best price for the deal. 

Examine the Interiors and Exteriors completely of the Used Car

The value of a used car is greatly affected by the inside and outside of the vehicle. This is a key factor in determining if the car is a suitable option for you. Open the hood of the vehicle and thoroughly examine the conditions of the engine and other parts. Check the interior upholstery and other components inside the car completely. Rusted or dirty components of a car are indicators of trouble, which might be inevitable. If you are not sound with doing these checks on your own, get an experienced car appraiser.

Take A Ride

Once you’re happy with the interiors and exteriors of the car, schedule an appointment with the seller to go for a spin in your probable future car. It is crucial to drive the car through the local roads, as well as, highways to understand the response of the car in different circumstances. You will learn how the car responds to turns on different roads. It is crucial to understand how a used car performs in these situations. Remember to keep your ears and eyes open during the test drive for any kind of discomfort.

Conduct A Leak Test

A red flag that shouldn’t be ignored while looking at a prospective car is leaking fluids, which may indicate an expensive repair. This could be a common problem when it comes to pre-owned cars. Whilst you’re on a test drive, park the car in a safe and clean environment, and let the car remain turned on for at least 30 seconds. Now, conduct a visible inspection of the car by walking around it to check for any leaking fluids. Black fluid indicates leaking oil, a green fluid might be the anti freeze and a pink fluid might be a leak in the transmission.

Get An Expert To Check The Car

Ask a trusted mechanic to inspect the car before you decide to buy the car. An opinion about the used car by someone who has a knack to spot the concealed damages or issues with the car will save you a fortune in the case of buying a second hand car. A professional inspection of the used car will be worth the price in the long run. They will be able to assist you to value the car and detect any major issues with the car’s engine or transmission in the future.

Do Your Homework About The Make and The Model

Carrying out a fair amount of detective work on the customer reviews of the particular model and make of the car in hand will help you uncover the common problems faced due to the car or possible defects as well in the model. This research can be easily done online on several platforms and will save you from a lot of otherwise unforeseen trouble. 

Work Out A Fair Purchase Price

Comparing prices of the vehicle for the same model, make and year of production with multiple sources and dealers will help you realize the best price point for that particular used car. It is essential to check that you aren’t under paying or being over charged for the used car.

Take Your Time To Decide

Never rush into buying a used vehicle – this will ensure you don’t lose sleep due to buyer’s remorse, which is bound to happen if you don’t carefully evaluate the used car.

Author: Brandon Park