Top Tips for Caring for Your New Car

If you’re on the road for the first time, or at least the first time in awhile, then you’ll want to preserve the shiny new car you just got. See below for some great tips about keeping your ride in the best possible condition.

Get insurance

When you think about caring for your new car, the first thing you should be thinking about is getting some good car insurance. Insurance coverage is important because sometimes the bare minimum won’t help you if you’re in an accident.

You’ll need to ensure you have car insurance. Visit iSelect to compare providers. And then start thinking about how to maintain the beauty and elegance of your new baby.

Every other fill up routine

It is good practice to check your car every other time you fill up the tank. Checking your car usually entails checking the oil, checking the tire pressure, and cleaning the windshield. New cars don’t often leak oil, but because anything can happen at anytime, it’s important to check your oil levels and color every second fill up.

Ensure that your oil is at least at the minimum level when you check it, and that it is a golden color. The darker the oil, the older it is. Then check your tire pressure at the air pump. Almost every air pump contains a gage in which you can check the pressure in your tire. The wall of your tire should indicate the correct level of air (in PSI) that your tire pressure should be.

Clean off your windshield and ensure that there are no small cracks. Small cracks should be fixed before they turn into large obstructions. 

Regular maintenance

The best way to ensure that you’re getting the correct level of maintenance in your car is to check with the manufacturer’s handbook or manual that should be located in your glove compartment. If you don’t have a manual for your car, you can usually find a copy online or you can even buy a copy from the car dealership.

Every car is different, and newer cars can go longer without an oil change than older cars. The only way to know at what mileage you should perform maintenance on your car is to check out that manual before taking it into any garage.


Cleaning your vehicle is important to the life of your car. This is especially true when you have a leather interior. Leather and weather conditions don’t often pair well and leather can start cracking and breaking, leaving you with a large cost of repair. If you find the minor cracks before they turn into major cracks, you can take your car to a professional or even DIY any repairs.

Cleaning the outside of your car is essential in both warm and cold climates. In warmer climates, bugs sticking to your bumpers can actually damage the paint when left to dry. This can also happen in colder climates, but in colder climates, you really want to clean off any salt and snow before rust starts to build up on your vehicle. 

Before you start to maintain your vehicle make sure that you’ve got a great insurance policy that will cover the cost of repair in case of an accident. When you’ve got your insurance, you can then focus on maintaining your vehicle both bi-weekly and annually. When your vehicle isn’t in use, it won’t hurt to keep it in a cool dry place like a garage for storage purposes.

Keeping your vehicle away from the weather can really save the dashboard and interior as well as the paint. Keep your ride clean and always check your manual and your vehicle can last you a lifetime.

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Top Tips for Caring for Your New Car