After Market Fix-ups for Your Vehicle

Even if you purchased a base model car, you an get closer to owning the car of your dreams if you add a few bells and whistles from after-market retailers. After-market means just what it sounds like – something that is not included in the original vehicle as it leaves the manufacturer, but which is compatible and comes from a third party. Consider giving your car a lift with a few of the following options.

Trim Kit

A trim kit may include chrome or rubber-look decorative items such as door stripes, car logos, new handles or bumper pads. Other items, like a rooftop luggage carrier or hub caps, can also be found. Some of these items may just spruce up the looks of your car, but others serve functional purposes, such as wide-view mirrors do. There are several retailers online where items might be purchased, or your local quality auto body shop may sell or even install some of them for you.


If the existing radio in your car is substandard and doesn’t put out the quality or volume you want, there are likely dozens available that would work. Likewise, you can upgrade to a multi-CD tray or possibly add a Bluetooth capability that will pick up Pandora or similar music services from your mobile device and play them over your speaker system. Speaking of speakers, those can be added or upgraded as well. There are many that can be installed behind the rear seat, in the doors or even the ceiling. Check out the best car door speakers for bass available in the market.


Craving those fancy blue headlights? Or maybe you can’t shake your desire for those undercarriage lights that make your vehicle appear to float down the road and get you seen. Fog lights are another type that has great functionality for those who frequently drive at night or in rough weather. A row of roof spotlights can be a great help for off-roading, hunting or camping. Almost all of these lights can be found from after-market retailers and can be installed by you or an auto body shop. Be sure to check local codes to make sure the lights you install are road legal.

When purchasing some of these improvements for your car, make sure to check whether they are compatible with your vehicle’s make and model so you are not wasting money. But with some careful checking and a good installation job, you can improve both the looks and the function of your car, boosting your pride of ownership.

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After Market Fix-ups for Your Vehicle