Towing a Car or Shipping a Car: Which Is a Better Option?

When one chooses to move to another location, they want to relocate their vehicle too along with all other home belongings. Yes, the task is easier when it is a short move because in this case, driving your vehicle by yourself could be an option. However, when it is a long-distance move then you have to spend money either on towing or shipping your car. The experts’ state that you can select any of these options as per your preferences. 

Towing a car:

Towing of a car involves parking the same at the top of a trailer or a platform pulled by a tow truck that is attached to the trailer. Towing can be done in two ways.

1. Hiring a towing company: One can get his or her car towed with the help of a professional and experienced towing company. Just give the company a call and towing professionals will arrive at your door within a few minutes. Though not all towing companies are cheaper they are very responsive therefore you don’t have to worry about anything when you give the task to them. 

2. Towing a car on your own: If you want to transport your car to a short distance, then you can prefer to tow your car by yourself. For towing, you will need to rent a trailer to park your car on it and a vehicle to pull the trailer. You can select any option per your convenience and preferences. 

Advantages of towing a car:

1. The services of a towing company are available 24/7. You can give a call to them anytime, and they will be available for you within a few minutes.

2. When you decide to tow your car by yourself, then you can transport it anytime and also, can stay with the car for the whole time.

3. If your car is broken and you do not want to spend much money on transporting it then go for towing services as these services are much cheaper than shipping services.

Disadvantages of towing a car:

1. Towing can cause some wear and tear on the car

2. If you decide to tow your car yourself, you will need to look for appropriate equipment which can cost you more.

3. Towing is generally done for only short distances. Therefore, if you want to transport your car at long distances, you can’t opt for it.

Shipping of a car: 

Shipping of a car implies transportation of a car to another place by shipping companies. Usually, shipping is done for long distances and shipping can be done via road, air, and water. If you want to get your car shipped, then you will have to book it in the advance.

Advantages of shipping a car: 

1. It is a convenient process as the shipping company is responsible for picking up your car from your place and transporting it to your new place. You do not have to worry about anything.

2. Shipping services are safe enough to hire, as these protect your car from any breakdown, wear and tear, or accident.

3. Reputed shipping companies also provide insurance for your car. If there is any damage to your car in transit, then the company pays for the damages.

Disadvantages of shipping a car: 

1. Shipping companies generally ship additional cars along-with your car, which are to be dropped at different points. This causes a delay in the shipment of your car to your new place.

2. The number of shipping companies is less than the number of towing companies, which makes it difficult to find an appropriate company to ship your car.

3. Shipping is preferred for long distances. For short distances, it costs you more.

So, in the end, what to choose whether the car shipping or car towing 

Most people choose any one of either of these two options. See this checklist which will tell you a lot about these to select any option out of these two. 

Choose any of the options when the distance is shorter than 100 miles. 

Towing would not be a preferred option than shipping when the distance is more than 100 miles. 

Towing is not a good option when it is an interstate car shipping option. 

Don’t use the towing when your vehicle is very expensive and valuable. Though if the vehicle is salvage then you can choose any of these two options according to your preferences and conveniences. 

Shipping is not a good option when the vehicle is not in a running state because in this case, the professionals would love to drive the car to load it into the trailer while in towing there is no need to drive the vehicle. 

Bottom line!!!

These are the things that will help you to choose any of the options. While when you want to have a smart choice then car shipping is always considered a better option. 

Author: Doug