Ways to Improve Your View of the Road

Whether you are a professional driver or someone who just bought their first vehicle, you need to be aware of numerous risks while you are on the road. It’s important to be prepared for any scenario and avoid potential dangers while you are on the wheel.

A good view of the road makes all the difference when it comes to keeping yourself and your passengers safe.  However, there will be times you need to drive under heavy rain, through fog, or during night time when the risk of angled or head-on collisions increases. Even during normal days, there is still a good chance to crash into a truck or get rear-ended by a speeding motorcycle.

You can’t be too safe while driving, but it pays to be totally aware of what’s going on around you. After all, a clear view of the road can do a lot more to protect you than just a seatbelt. So, how do you improve your view of the road?

Upgrade your rear-view mirrors

Most states require motorists to install rear-view mirrors. Some may even penalize you for hanging decorations on your rear-view mirror. This makes sense since you need something to let you know if you are backing up into another vehicle or an electrical post. Not all rear-view mirrors provide a full view of every object that’s directly behind you, however. 

Consider upgrading to a panoramic rear-view mirror that gives you a wider field of vision and eliminates any blind spots. This is particularly helpful for students or drivers who have trouble looking behind. 

Invest in better headlights 

At night, accidents can happen anywhere, especially in areas that are poorly-lit. You will need enough light to anticipate any potential hazards, like pedestrians, cyclists, or animals crossing the road. And while it’s advisable to install top-notch lighting for cars and trucks so other motorists can have a good view of your in the dark, you still need to invest in a good pair of LED headlights. You can shop around for those capable of producing at least 6,000 lumens. 

If upgrading your headlights is expensive, you can still improve the brightness of your current ones by cleaning the covers using toothpaste, which is effective in getting rid of fogging. You can also adjust the angle of your lights so you get a better range of what’s ahead. 

Minimize dashboard distractions

At the end of the day, road safety will largely depend on how focused you are on the road. It’s great if you have the best headlamps and mirrors around, but you still need to do your part by paying attention to your surroundings. After all, distracted driving has claimed the lives of 2,800 Americans in 2018 alone.

The best way to get started is by getting rid of any decorations on your dashboard that might impede your view of the road. This should also go along with avoiding the urge to have phone conversations. The sooner you deal with distractive habits, the safer you become as a driver.

Road safety starts with knowing how much road you actually see. Consider these tips and steer clear of any costly and deadly accidents along the way.  

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Ways to Improve Your View of the Road