What Does The Future Hold For Trucks And Will Gaskets Still Be Fitted In Twenty Years

It’s impossible to tell what will happen in the future unless you have a time machine but we can all look at trends to try and make short term predictions. Trucks and motor vehicles in general will definitely be changing drastically over the next two decades as most countries really start to try and lower their emissions to help the environment and stop or at least slow down global warming.

But what does this mean for the future of trucks? Will they still be a worthwhile investment right now? How will they look and perform? Let’s take a look at the facts and try and make an educated look at what the future may hold.

Global Warming And Electric Vehicles

Global warming is an ongoing problem that the world has been facing for many years but only in recent times does the motor industry seem to be taking it seriously.

Governments around the world are trying to lower the emissions that traffic on our roads can cause. Some countries and cities have implemented congestion charges, to try and get people to use public transport instead of their own vehicles, banning diesel cars and even charging more in tax for those that use older cars that pollute the air more.

Electric cars are also making big strides and there is no reason why they soon won’t open up to the market of truckers. Whether we like it or not petrol and diesel cars are bad for the environment and it does seem we are moving towards a society of electric vehicles, so we should expect to see more of them on our roads in the short to medium term future.

What Will The Insides Of Our Trucks Look Like In Twenty Years

It is safe to assume that the most likely outcome for all vehicles on the road in twenty years time are majority going to be electric ones.Will trucks still have parts such as gaskets under the bonnet, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Technology these days moves so quickly so it really is hard to pinpoint exactly what our trucks will look like in twenty years time. They are likely to keep their same shape and look but will probably run slightly differently as we all look to reduce our emissions.

Is It Worth Buying A Truck Now?

The answer to this question will always be if you are needing a truck right now then yes it is worth purchasing one. Obviously we all need to consider the future and what is going to happen with the changes in vehicles but it is safe to assume for the short to medium term the changes will be slow and small.

Even if in the next ten to twenty years petrol and diesel vehicles are no longer being manufactured that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to buy them second hand and still use them on the roads. This will mean the value of your truck should still be high whatever changes are to come.

Trucks can be expensive to run but they have so many different uses and with the ability to pay off the truck monthly with the many different deals truck showrooms now offer they are totally worth the purchase.

What About In Fifty Years Time

It’s fun to try and imagine what things will look like far into the future but it’s not something that is possible to predict.

We all remember the film Back To The Future that predicted hoverboards and flying cars in the twentieth century which didn’t come true. A fair assumption though is that in fifty years time there will still be trucks on our roads though they are likely to look and run very differently.

As technology improves with electric vehicles with battery lifespans and mileage they can cover improving all the time. We can expect the advancements in such vehicles to be big in fifty years time.

Who knows, maybe we might even get a flying truck in the future, but i wouldn’t hold your breath.

To Sum Up

Whatever the future holds for trucks there will always be a marketplace for them as they are useful in so many ways, they are easy to customize and they have a big fan base in the truckers community.

While the world will no doubt change in the future it’s safe to say that trucks will be with us for a long time to come yet.

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What Does The Future Hold For Trucks And Will Gaskets Still Be Fitted In Twenty Years