What Is A Clear Bra, And Why Does My Car Need One

When it comes to caring for a vehicle today, you have many different options. When we say protection, most assume we mean something like a suit of armor. However, vehicular protection comes in many different shapes and sizes. For example, today, it is common for people to use a ‘clear bra’ paint protection system.

This is especially common in parts of the country where extreme weather can become problematic. For example, it is common to see an Arvada CO clear bra installed on cars in this part of Colorado. The reason is the weather here can make it likely that vehicles become damaged due to extensive UV rays. What is a clear bra, though?

The term might make you think of an undergarment, but it is nothing of the sort. A clear bra paint protection film is a stretchy, durable material that is put on top of your vehicle’s paint job. It is used to help make sure that you have a protective film that goes over the paintwork of your car. This can protect the car from damage, but it can also make sure that your vehicle is properly protected without visible protection.

These are clear and specific designs that are made to be absolutely minimalistic in terms of visibility. If you are looking for a way to protect your vehicle, then a clear bra is a way to do so. This clear coat covers over the paint, ensuring that common issues that damage your car no longer happen. For example, do you:

·        Notice a lot of rock dents in the main paintwork body of your car?

·        See visible staining and degradation of the paint due to salt presence?

·        Spot stains forming due to issues like tree saps dropping on your vehicle?

·        Realise the damage that UV rays and harsh weather can have on your paint job?

All of these issues can be better protected by using a simple, clear bra paint protection.

Get more out of your paint job for longer with a clear bra

These systems have been designed with the idea of easy and quick installation when managed by a professional. At the same time, though, they come with a warranty for the long-term, meaning you can see as much as ten years of extra protection.

Clear bra protection is very flexible, too, with the design put together in a way that makes sure it molds to the shape of your vehicle. This means that every piece of paint, whether it is on a bump or a flat part of the car, is equally protected.

Some try to install clear bra PPF themselves, but we do not recommend it. It requires precision, patience, and no shortage of skill. Sloppy self-application can lead to punctures and piercing in the film, meaning the PPF no longer does its job. With that in mind, you should turn to a local specialist where you live.

With clear bra protective film, your car’s paint job retains its look and luster for so much longer. It is an investment very much worth making for people who care about how their car looks long-term.

Author: Brandon Park