What You Need To Know Before Tuning

Chip tuning is alternatively referred to as ECU remapping or ECU tuning. It involves programming a vehicle’s chip. The programming process is meant to improve the performance of your engine and enhance fuel efficiency. Essentially, tuning engineers at https://www.cooksport.co.uk/ can improve the ignition map, fuel map, or boost map as per your specific needs.

Every driver desires to have customized cars with incredible performance and that can only be achieved through car tuning.

Here is everything you need to know about car tuning;

Explaining Car Tuning

Car tuning can also be termed car modification. Some refer to tuning as changing specifications on a chip while to others it involves installing xenon bulbs and spoilers. Still, some refer to car tuning as the process of making a racing car.

In an actual sense, car tuning is all about optimizing a car’s performance capabilities. Your car can offer a better driving experience than it’s currently offering. That’s because manufacturers sometimes reduce a car’s performance abilities to strike a balance between performance and economy.

Factors to Put into Consideration Before Car Tuning

If you have started thinking about car tuning, there are several ways to approach the process. You can modify any part of your car. But before you commit your wallet to car tuning, below are basic things to put into consideration.

Set your car’s tuning goal

Your car can be adjusted for such things as fuel efficiency, drivability, and speed. Tuners achieve such goals by customizing ignition timing spark plug gaps, engine chips plus air-fuel ratios. The tuner is entirely responsible for your new car’s performance. That’s why it’s important that you inform them of your reasons for tuning so that they can work towards achieving your objective.

For instance, you can have your car tuned for speed, fuel efficiency, or a smoother ride. Whatever the case your tuner should understand your tuning goals.

Ensure your car is in a good condition before tuning

Before you hire a tuner to upgrade your car, you should ensure that it is in perfect condition. A skilled tuner cannot modify a car that’s not in a good condition. Therefore, when you approach a tuner for a tune-up, ask the technician to check all critical vehicle parts such as carburetors, engine, and fuel injectors. Keep in mind that if your engine isn’t running well, performance tuning won’t make it run normally. So, you should go for car tuning only if your vehicle is fit for the process.

Look for a professional tuner

Note that all modern car models are run by ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This can be likened to a computer in your vehicle that controls how your car runs. So, if you’re serious about having your car tuned, your tuner will customize the ECU chip, alter the initial settings and upgrade the new settings to suit your needs. This task needs to be performed by a well-informed tuner.

Choosing a tuner is a serious matter. That’s because if your car is wrongly tuned, you will endanger your life and that of others on the road. So, you can’t afford to be careless about this. Only engaged a skilled and reputable tuner with years of experience offering the service. This way your safety and that of your car are guaranteed.

Author: Doug