What You Need To Know If You Have Been Arrested For DUI

The feeling of having a police officer flash their lights behind you is one of the worst that there is. You always want to avoid driving if you are under the influence of any substance. You should even avoid driving if you are extremely tired as tired driving can be as bad as impaired driving in some cases. 

Below are things that you should know when you have been arrested for DUI.

Finding An Attorney Quickly

You are going to have time constraints on various aspects of your DUI or DWI case. You want to make sure you are being defended from the time you are bailed out to well after this time. Looking for an experienced DUI defense attorney in the area is very important. You want legal representation that has built rapport with local prosecutors. Getting a diversion program can be an option if you have never been arrested for driving impaired in the past. Having charges dropped is very convenient as these charges can follow you around for a lifetime. A Raleigh DWI lawyer can be immensely helpful when it comes to consulting on what your next steps could be. 

Get The Help You Need

Substance abuse is such a slippery slope that falling into addiction is far easier than you might think. The thought that drinking large amounts of alcohol can help relieve stress is such a misconception. You might have a few hours of relief followed by a crippling hangover that can also come with quite a bit of anxiety. Admitting that you have a problem can be very tough if you were simply having a good time then it crossed the line into addiction. Heading to a 12-step program might work for you while others learn moderation techniques that keep them from drinking too much. 

Stay Out Of Any Additional Trouble

You are going to get out on bail for your DWI but it is essential to stay out of additional trouble. You do not want to be arrested by breaking your terms of release/bail. This can include staying out of bars or from driving at all. Traveling can even get you into trouble if you have not cleared this through the appropriate channels. You do not want to get another DWI or be arrested for something like public intoxication. A judge is less likely to show mercy if a person has been arrested multiple times since their DWI arrest. A diversion program which is mentioned above is not likely to be offered if you continue to get into trouble. The worst aspect of this is you might have to wait weeks in jail until you have another court hearing. 

Getting arrested for anything is going to be quite stressful and especially DWI. Losing your ability to drive can impact your job and personal life. Take the time and money to fight these charges as they can come with a stigma. You can make it through a DWI arrest if you manage it appropriately.

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