What You Should Do If Arrested for DUI/DWI

Getting behind the wheel after drinking is risky and needs to be avoided. People do make mistakes after one or two beers of driving home after a company happy hour. Beers with a high alcohol content can equal multiple standards drinks. Drinking 2 or 3 beers with an 8 percent alcohol by volume equals 4 to 6 standard drinks which would put nearly anyone over the legal limit.

Being Pulled Over

Mistakes happen and people that think that they are no inebriated get behind the wheel on a daily basis. This does not make you a bad person but rather just a person that made a mistake. If you think you have had too much to drink then refusing the breathalyzer is likely your best option. The blood alcohol content that a breathalyzer is often the largest piece of evidence that will be used against you in court. Do not perform the field exercises if you know you would blow over the legal limit which varies by state but most have a limit of .08 BAC. You do not have to answer any questions at all and a slur or stumble in speech could be enough to convict you if the case goes to trial. Refusing testing does come with a driver’s license suspension but in most states, you can get a permit for work purposes only.

Contacting Legal Representation

You do not want to take on the DMV or prosecutors alone as this is a recipe for disaster. Looking into the best Raleigh DWI lawyers or professionals in your area is a must. The suspension of your license can be challenged at the DMV and failure to appear by the arresting police officer could result in the suspension being lifted. There are specialized DWI units that are required to show up for the hearing and are reprimanded if they do not. This is also a great opportunity for your attorney to ask the officer questions as the testimony is admissible in court.

Local lawyers that handle hundreds of DWI cases a year oftentimes have great relationships with prosecutors. You might be able to plead down the case to a reckless driving or the charges could be thrown out due to an officer failing to read you your rights. You might also be able to enter into a substance abuse program in order to reduce the charges. Seasoned lawyers will know every avenue and give you options for the path that you want to take.

Stay Out of Trouble!

The most important thing after contacting an attorney is to stay out of trouble. Avoid going out during this time as the prosecution might take photos from your social media accounts to show you continued to party. Staying out of trouble is the best decision and can work wonders if this is the first time that you have been arrested. People that take their cases to trial or suspect this will be the path they will take should remove social media accounts and hunker down for a bit.

Being arrested for a DUI can be a scary and overwhelming experience but it is a mistake that is made a number of times around the world. If you plan on drinking, it is better to schedule yourself an Uber or order one once your night is winding down.

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What You Should Do If Arrested for DUI/DWI