Where Do Most Boating Accidents Usually Happen?

Because warmer weather encourages people to go outside and enjoy the outdoors, many boating accidents are common during the summer months. Most boating accidents occur in the ocean or in the base rather than rivers, lagoons, or lakes. Out on open waters, a boater faces many risks such as collisions with other vessels, collisions with fixed objects such as buoys, rocks, and jetties, and, finally, they risk grounding. Grounding occurs when a boat runs the ground on a reef, pilings, or rock. Grounding can damage the hole which will cause the craft to sink and put everyone on board in danger.

Unfortunately, due to weather, some people have fallen victim to drowning, capsizing, or falling overboard due to the choppy waters. Some crafts are unable to stay afloat in rough waters, so as waves splash on board, they can begin to wait down the vehicle vessel and put everyone at risk.

Boaters know that there are certain areas where they must go at a slower speed in order to be safe. These are usually shallow waters or waters with man-powered crafts, such as paddleboarders. These are usually no-wake zones, where the water is also more shallow. Boaters are trained to look out for these signs in Intracoastal waterways and around inlets. But when they fail to see the signs or to heed their warnings, they put themselves and others at risk.

Why do most boating accidents occur?

One of the most common reasons for boat accidents, unfortunately, happens to be one of the most preventable ones. If a helmsman is distracted then they can miss important details related to the weather, water conditions, the passengers, and the boat. They may not also be looking out properly. To ensure safety, it is very important to take safety training course and get a license. ilearntoboat.com has a Missouri boater safety course to get your Missouri boating license in three easy steps.


Bad weather happens, but before you go out on the water you can check what the weather and water conditions are from the convenience of your own phone. It is crucial for boaters to listen to the weather forecast and advisories. You can even sign up to have them weather alerts delivered directly to your cell phone or email so that way you can know how the wind and currents will affect your time out on the water.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol, unfortunately, plays a major role in many different types of boating accidents. It is important for anyone who is operating or piloting a boat to be sober and alert.

When do most boating accidents occur?

Most boating accidents occur in the summer when there are more vessels out on the water. And they tend to happen either at the end of the day when fatigue may play a role in the human error, and in the early hours of the morning. It is believed that these are also linked to excessive drinking. After a long day of being on the boat and tossing back a few cold ones, You may not be aware of how you were driving in navigation may be effective.

What To Do If You Have Been Injured In A Boating Accident

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident on a boat, then you may have questions about who is liable and how you will be compensated for your damages. You can file a claim against the owner of a:

  • Large seagoing vessel
  • Yacht
  • Duck boat
  • Water shuttle
  • Cabin cruisers

And remember to contact an experienced maritime and admiralty lawyer today. 

Author: Brandon Park