Where to Buy Fiberglass Semi-Truck Fenders Online

Next time you take a drive on the freeway count how many semi-trucks you pass. These behemoths of the road are at the core of our freight infrastructure here in the USA and carry most of the goods we use from place to place. Using semi-trucks are more direct than rail and air and cheaper too, it may seem to be the method that takes the longest time, but road freight dominates and is a vital part of our daily lives.

The food on your table, the furniture in your house, the components that make up your automobile may all have traveled by road, and these massive trucks each cover an average of 45,000 miles every year! That’s a colossal distance when compared to any other form of road transport. Why are we writing about fiberglass fenders? Let us explain as best we can.

Why Fiberglass is a Great Choice

Rucks are traditionally built from durable metal such as steel, and this is still the way the industry works. It is the best material for a heavy truck and one that is long-lasting and remains the choice for all the major truck manufacturers. However, when it comes to replacement parts such as fenders many truck owners – both fleet and driver – are choosing to buy fiberglass replacements. Why is this?

There are many reasons why fiberglass fenders make sense. First, as they are easy to make, they are cheaper to buy. Second, they are lighter than the standard examples. And third, they last a long time and are not as easily damaged. For some further and more detailed information on fiberglass semi-truck fenders – Shift Products is one of many truck parts suppliers that offers these items as part of its stock.

They are becoming more popular to the point that some of the bigger truck manufacturers are looking at using them at the point of manufacture. In terms of cost-savings, this makes a lot of sense, and as they are easy to fit and light, they also add to the economy of the vehicle. Where do you go to buy fiberglass truck fenders, and why is online the best way to do so? That’s what we’re going to look at in the final section of this article.

Finding Quality Truck Parts Suppliers

Online retail is a massive part of life so why shouldn’t it extend to buying truck parts across the Internet? Many suppliers of quality new truck parts are internet-based – including the one we used as an example – because it offers many benefits. It’s convenient for the buyer and for the retailer who can have their stock held by a logistics service provider. This removes the need for them to have a large warehouse and reduces costs. They can then pass the saving on to the buyer.

The move to online sales of truck parts also helps in keeping a truck on the road by offering easy access to unusual requests – fiberglass replacement fenders included – that can be met at sensible prices with quick and convenient delivery. Many fleet managers have opened accounts with online truck parts suppliers and have found this method to be the most effective in terms of logistics and cost savings.

If you have a truck or run a fleet and want to save costs on replacement fenders and other parts, we recommend you check out online parts suppliers who cater to your make of truck. You’ll find it a far easier method of ordering new parts and once your supplier gets to know you there will always be access to parts you need at the right prices.

Author: Brandon Park