Arrested For DWI Or Reckless Driving: Steps To Take

Getting pulled over is a feeling that makes your heart sink to a huge extent. The huge fines and potential arrest can be enough to get anyone extremely nervous. If you were speeding at a high rate you could be arrested for reckless driving even if you haven’t been drinking. Being pulled over after drinking is a mistake that happens but with rideshare apps, this should be eliminated once everyone adopts these. The following are the steps to take when you have been arrested for DWI or reckless driving. 

Don’t Submit To Testing

The last thing that you want to do is submit to testing if you have been drinking. You can still be arrested if you blow under the legal limit if you appear to be intoxicated. Refusal of testing does come with consequences of a suspension of your license. What most police do not tell you is that you can apply for a license that allows you to go to and from work. The breath test that you will take will act as the single most important piece of proof besides the fact that you were driving. You are not going to talk your way out of a DWI arrest so it is best to stay quiet. 

Hire The Best Legal Representation Possible 

Taking an arrest lightly is not something you want to do regardless of what stage you are at in life. An arrest record can impact your job opportunities well into the future even if the arrest wouldn’t impact your job in the slightest. There are times where you have a lot of proof against you and your attorney can help sort this out. The relationship between your attorney and prosecutors is going to be very important. Not all prosecutors want to take on a criminal defense attorney that frequently wins cases that are not ironclad. 

Getting the right plea deal can lessen your charges and can eliminate the chances of any time in jail. Diversion programs can also wipe your record clean so it is wise to take one of these if given the opportunity. You are going to want to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as it will be worth the investment. 

Stay Out Of Trouble Until This Case Is Over 

Staying out of trouble after you have been arrested is imperative. You do not want to get into another driving-related incident especially if you should not be driving. Your bail will likely have terms that you have to follow that could land you in jail if you get into trouble again. Take this time to reevaluate your choices and staying out of trouble during social distancing in some cities shouldn’t be too difficult. Staying off of social media or at least not posting anything that can be used in your case is imperative. 

You need to protect yourself when you are arrested for any charge. DWI and reckless driving can both carry jail time along with hefty fines. There are also classes that can be quite expensive that you have to attend in order to complete your probation if convicted or entering into a plea deal.

Author: Web admin