Who Is Better Driver Man Or Women

Who Is Better Driver Man Or Women

Gender equality is something which has captured this era from the start, and now became some taboo. People try even to avoid that topic or question, which might lead to “Gender Equality.”

Some of my readers might feel offended, but it’s true, and I have not felt a sign of courage to write on any topic related to this. But for some reason, I’m Writhing on this topic so I can share my viewpoint with my readers.

One debate some people still argue is “Who Is Better Driver Man Or Women.” Well, no doubt when it comes to wheels, we automatically consider man, or at least we think about the man.

It is manifest that we always pick cars for boys and other soft toys for girls, from the fact aside that they can like the car too.

women is driving

Here are some points which I think you should consider before jumping to any conclusions.

There are hundreds of studies done on this topic, and most of them show the guys are the best when it comes to cars.

And some shows that women have many inherent qualities that make them safer and more reliable drivers. Like women avoid drinking while driving and pay extra focus during driving. It is the same as men tend to wash and maintain a car.

Data collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) show more men die in car accidents than women.

From 1975 to 2018, the number of male crash deaths is twice the number of female crash deaths.

These results consider many aspects like males covers more miles lead to risky driving, not using safety belts, the use of alcohol, and speeding.

And the horrible fact is that accidents involving male drivers are more severe even though the rate of death in a severe accident is higher in females.

And if we check-in age wise, in 2018, the percentage of death among passenger vehicle occupants per 100,000 people is much higher among males than females (For every group except 0-15 years). So are we safe to say Women are better on roads than men? Considering this research

Yes, statistics from IIHS explains a lot, but there are some qualities on both sides. And we should consider them to be adopted by both for the safety of roads. Although male drivers have more accidents, statically shown by IIHS, other research proves women aren’t perfect with wheels, too.

A research conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute shows that in the last 20 years. The rates of accidents involving females drivers are more than the rate of females and a male driver.. Well, the study did not explain the reason for this behavior.

It could be the reason that females are less confident behind the wheels as compared to males. And if the accident is likely to happen between man and woman, man can avoid it by taking necessary action.

There are some main habits of males which make them the worst driver. Now, these habits can control, and it is not essential that these habits are gender specific, they tend to be in men more, but it’s not crucial.

man is driving

Men Are Careless And Lack of Mother Instincts:

Women drive safely because of one of the primary reasons they are more careful and mother. We can’t argue that mother instincts play a vital role in a woman’s life. Women can be less confident, but due to maternal instinct, they work diligently. Many studies show that almost every woman is born with natural and nurture abilities.

Having a maternal instinct may help in becoming a caring and more trustworthy driver.

Drinking Issue:

Studies also show that men tend to drink while driving, and drunk driving cases are higher among males than females. The main reason is that man-body can tolerate more alcohol than females. And the tendencies of drinking among males are quite high; you would hardly find a man without beer after evening. Drinking is not a significant reason, but one should not drive after drinking. Even though you own a car, book taxi or try to take a ride from a friend (who is more stable).

Avoid Using Seat Belts:

Not bothering to use seatbelt is rare in adult men and women, this issue is among students both boys and girls. Studies show that 12.5% of male students agree to rarely or never use seatbelts while driving. Not using a seat belt shows how reckless you are, not only putting other’s lives in danger but also yours.

Not Obeying Rules:

When it’s come to follow the rules, no doubt women are better than men. Women might find it difficult to understand specific rules, but once they go through, it is not difficult for them to follow it. It is another point men are not willing to do, and it is found in many studies also. Rules are made for us to follow. And if we are not going to follow them, what’s the point to make them in the first place. The rate of not following road safety rules among men and teenagers are higher than women.

Sleep While Driving:

Long drives can’t be handled by females despite being careful; females tend to sleep while driving than males. Sleep while driving can cover many aspects like a long drive to home, stressful day, PMS, and, most of all, depression.


Well, in my opinion, gender is just one factor we should look side from, because if we are going to consider gender, then we are going to judge age, time, and area for a driver, and this list can go on.

My humble request is that we should learn and follow safe driving habits rather than worrying about who drives better.

There are pros and cons to both sides and I have just mentioned some drawbacks. Those points might be in favor of one than others. But those are my opinions. It depends on you if you want to agree or not.

Or you can decide by yourself how to avoid them and become a better driver.

The argument, no doubt, is a never-ending battle between the sexes, and it will continue as long as both genders exist.

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Who Is Better Driver Man Or Women

Who Is Better Driver Man Or Women