Why Car Dealerships Love Cloud-Hosted Log Management

The minds and hearts of scores of IT professionals has been captured by Papertrail – cloud hosted log management. It beats in-house solutions in so many key ways that going to the sky is actually a trend for this new decade, but it’s been building for quite a long time. The beauty of this strategy for managing the logging process is that it avoids all the pitfalls of local supervision.

Not only is the data output much more structured but the core task of monitoring is surprisingly simple, even for those new to system administration. Finding and tracking errors in such an environment is nowhere near as difficult as it is in an on-site one. The same thing can be said for searching. Finally, most of the retail offerings are priced to work with business budgets and are fully adaptable for organizations of all sizes and in any industry. If you ask IT supervisors why they prefer solutions like these, you’ll hear lots of different responses. The following four tend to come up most often. 

Simple Monitoring

Because literally everything is in one place, the monitoring phase is not the chore it used to be. Imagine supervising 100 different employees who were located in 50 separate offices. That’s what the traditional system is like. But if all those people were in a single city, in one building, on the same floor, your job would be infinitely easier. Remote monitoring goes smoothly and quickly because when everything is in one place, like the workers in the example above, you’re able to search, analyze and discover data-based relationships much more easily.

Easy Searches

It’s about much more than easier searches because the data rich logs are also a breeze to analyze and monitor. Because all the files contain so much minute, detailed pieces of information, you can use virtually any parameter to make a search. After that, you’re equipped with clear cut results that are easy to read and even easier to store.

Effortless Error Tracking

These non-traditional, off site solutions are efficient error detectors because not only do they find the issues in your system, they also deliver comprehensive, readable reports about them. This is an area where local logging systems fall way short of the cloud-based version. You’re alerted by the program of every error and have the choice to handle them however you wish. Of course, you’ll be making that decision based on the clear cut, unambiguous reports that are generated after those errors are discovered. There are plenty of IT professionals who tout the benefits of these non-local methods of log management. Frequently, their favorite part of these systems is their ability to sniff out and report on errors.

Reasonable Cost and Full Adaptability

Shopping for a product is not a hassle, nor does it mean you’ll end up spending oodles of money. Most of the top tier offerings are reasonably priced, come with varying numbers of extras, are fully adaptable to whatever kind of local environment you work in, and are easy to implement.

Author: Brandon Park