Frequent Car Problems That You Should Keep an Eye For

Car is an important part of your life, it takes gets you to work and brings you home safely daily. It’s practically an extension of yourself. There are hundreds of failures that your car can suffer during its lifetime, but some of them are very frequent and can happen even more than once and in the same car. Take a look at some of the most frequent car problems:


Battery Problems:

The most common problem is to encounter battery discharges that occur due to extreme heat or excessive winter cold. In cases where the car does not start because the battery tweezers are used, and with the help of the engine of another vehicle, it can be started, and the battery is automatically recharged.

If the battery is depleted, you will probably have to call a crane to transfer the car to the nearest mechanical workshop. The other option is to buy a new battery and place it yourself. You can follow the instructions given in auto repair manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

In any case, it is best to control the state of the car battery, and when you start to notice that the lights have a lower intensity when you start, it is that the battery needs to replace.

Tire Problems:

A wheel blowout due to the bad state of the asphalt of the roads or a simple puncture is two of the most common breakdowns in old and current cars.

Sometimes this type of breakdown cannot be avoided by originating. However, in most cases, tire problems result from misuse, zero maintenance, or expiration of tires that we forget. And it is that when the tires lose their rolling, it is easier for us to suffer a puncture or blowout, so in those cases, it is best to replace them with new ones.

The best way to avoid this type of breakdown is to maintain proper maintenance of the tires and have a spare wheel routinely checked so that you have the optimal driving conditions in case you need it. In the case of a tire puncture, you can replace the tire yourself also.

Brake Discs:

The brake discs are located on the wheels, and when the brake pad rubs against them, they wear out more efficiently or even become deformed. Therefore, it is imperative to change them if we do not want to have more serious road brake problems.

On average, standard brake discs have a duration of about 90,000 km. The problem is that it is difficult to know if they are worn or deformed, and until the mechanical professional does not remove the wheel, it cannot be known. However, it can indeed be perceived that something is wrong with the discs when the steering wheel vibrates during braking. It is a symptom that we must consider.

Brake Pads:

The brake pads are equivalent to the shoes of a bicycle and also suffer wear. The problems in the brake pads are one of the most common failures of today. In vehicles, it can be detected, but in those that do not have it, it is somewhat more complicated without a review. Its average duration is 60,000 km, to get an idea. So to avoid this condition, it is best to change them on time so that you need not spend too much on them.

Other Breakdowns:

In the last category, we have to include several of the most common faults that are in the same range. For example, failures in the suspension ball joints, oil or liquid leaks from the shock absorbers, gearbox failures, or deterioration of the steering.

They are all very common failures and breakdowns that can happen to anyone, either with a new car or with an older car. You cannot say that there are cars with more breakdowns than others. In general, we already know what the most popular car breakdowns are, and we can stay alert in case the next affected is our car.


Each of these automotive failures can be prevented with proper maintenance and caution when driving. But unfortunately, we cannot control the road or what happens in it, so you must know basic tips to manage a car breakdown. In addition to these, we remind you that the proper functioning of your car keeps you and your family safe.

Author: Brandon Park