XM Debate, Maybach Concept, And BMW i7 Teased: Your Morning Brief

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Is BMW’s Concept XM Genius Or Madness? Two CarScoops Editors Debate It

“Shocked,” would be the word used to describe most people’s reactions to the BMW XM’s reveal, as it debuted what will be the first standalone “M” model for the Bavarian brand since the M1 supercar. Is it actually that bad? Or is it just ahead its time? Two Carscoops editors argue it out…

Project Maybach x Virgil Abloh Concept Is A Strange Off-Road Coupe with An External Roll Cage

Mercedes has presented the Project Maybach, a concept that has had input from both Gorden Wagener and Virgil Abloh. It’s a combination of a swoopy coupe with some off-road elements, including chunky wheels and tires, and an external roll cage. The concept comes after the untimely demise of Abloh, who was an American architect, creative director, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

2023 BMW i7 Teased, Dubbed The World’s First All-Electric Luxury Sedan

BMW released a set of photos that show a prototype camouflaged i7 under winter testing. The shots, taken in Arjeplog, Sweden, show the EQS-competitor going sideways near the Arctic Circle, as engineers try to “raise the balance between sportiness and ride comfort.” The Bavarian firm confirmed that their electric flagship will be unveiled sometime in 2022.

We Get A Final Aston Martin V12 Vantage, Confirmed to Be Available for 2022

Audible teasers may soon become a thing of the past — and the fact that the next V12 Vantage is referred to as the “Final Edition” is a painful reminder to those who love the aural pleasure of a sonorous V12. But before we get too misty-eyed, let us remember that there will be a new car debuting sometime next year, and this is what it’ll sound like.

Lincoln Aviator gets a new Jet Appearance package To Make Brightwork BLACK

Is black the new black? With the number of manufacturers offering chrome-delete packages, it is clear that black trim themes have become the new black. Lincoln’s “Jet Appearance Package” adds high-gloss black accents to the exterior of the vehicle and builds on the success of the Monochromatic Reserve Package. Black-painted 22-inch wheels are included, along with a skull cap, roof rails and grille. The lower cladding, wheel lip moldings and lower grille are all body-colored.

Driven: Although the VW Jetta 2022 gets more power, the GLI remains your best option.

If you are in search of a cheap new car, then the 2022 VW Jetta might be the right choice. The Jetta starts at $20,195. It has updates such as a more elegant design and an 8-inch digital infotainment system. However, as we found out, you’ll still want to spring for the much-nicer GLI model, which will set you back $30,995.

Australia’s Mustangs Are Called Holden HSV Utes

@nicolakis99 #roadrage #dashcam #drivingfails #baddrivers #wtf #roadrageaustralia ♬ original sound – Nick

The HSV Maloo R8 is one of the most potent performance cars ever built in Australia. But with great power comes great responsibility and evidently, the driver of this particular example isn’t particularly responsible. This dashcam footage was recently shared to both TikTok and Reddit and shows what can go wrong if you’re a little too happy with the throttle on a Maloo.

The News on Anything Else

Airbus A340 Lands In Antarctica For First Time 

According to reports, an Airbus A340 landed in Antarctica.Business Insider.  The 3,000-meter (9843-foot) glacial runway had special grooving to help the jet brake easier.  In five hours, the aircraft flew 2,877 nautical miles (2,500 km) from Cape Town in South Africa.

Apples Announces The Apps of the Year

Apple has released the annual list of top apps for the year. These awards were given to the iPhone, iPad and Mac as well as Apple TV, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple TV apps. This year, “Toca Life World” won iPhone App of the Year, and Riot Games’ “League of Legends: Wild Rift” was the iPhone Game of the Year.

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Author: Brandon Park