Your Guide to Choosing and Cleaning All Parts of a Car Interior

You’re ready to buy your shiny new car. It’s both exciting and exhausting doing all of the research required.

One of the things many people overlook in this process is parts of a car interior and what is going to work best for them. Even if the outside of the car looks amazing, if you’re dealing with car seat upholstery you don’t love or find out you need a car interior modification because you didn’t think about something — what a pain!

Continue reading this article to learn about choosing the right car interior for you and how to clean it.

Choosing the Best Parts of a Car Interior

Companies like Industrial Polymers Corporation have a lot to do with what goes into the making of a car. Even if you know the materials are high-quality, you still need to understand what is going to be best for you and how you use your car.

Car Seat Materials

One of the most obvious things you need to look into as you’re choosing your vehicle’s interior is the car seat material. There are many options depending on the type of vehicle you’re choosing so don’t gloss over this part.

Nylon Seats

Nylon is a common fabric for seats because it is inexpensive as well as durable. While the durability and inexpensiveness of this fabric are attractive, the way it can hold dirt is not.

Since it is a porous fabric, it is easy for food, drinks and other grime that might fall on it to get into those little holes. A simple vacuum is unlikely to clean these seats.

To get a good clean for nylon seats, grab some detergent and add water. Scrub the seats and make sure to wipe them down with a wet cloth and dry them afterward.

Polyester Seats

Seats with microsuede are made up of polyester which is another inexpensive material. Its purpose is to give a more luxurious look, like suede but without the major price tag.

While this material looks nice, it isn’t easy to clean. It easily collects dirt and stains.

You have to use a specific cleaner for your car’s seats. If you clean it with the wrong type of cleaner, you could cause an even bigger stain.

Alcantara Seats

Performance cars often have Alcantara seats since it is flame-retardant. It is just like microsuede but you’re going to pay a lot more money for it.

Vinyl Seats

If you plan on having a lot of messes in your car then vinyl could be your ideal match. If you have a damp towel and the ability to wipe then you can easily clean your seats.

One of the major problems with vinyl is that in the hot temps — it’s hot! And in the cold temps — it’s cold!

If you’re serious about your comfort, this might not be the best option for you.

Faux Leather Seats

Faux leather seats are similar to vinyl in that they are pretty easy to clean. Unlike vinyl, faux leather attempts to look like leather. You’re going to have a much lower price than if you were to buy a car with real leather interior.

Leather Seats

Ah, the leather seats. The ultimate in luxury. Leather seats are often a pricey add-on that you get with an upgraded package.

Make sure you only use products that are specific to leather. If you use the wrong products, you’re looking at costly damage to your beautiful seats. If you don’t care for it, you’re looking at ceasing, staining and fading — not at all luxurious.

The car’s manufacturer will let you know what to use to clean the vehicle’s seats so don’t forget to ask.

Being Systematic with Your Car Detail

Depending on your vehicle’s interior, you may have a lot of cracks and crevices. If you have a lot of cracks and crevices and you don’t take care of them, your car will look a lot older than it truly is.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to detail your vehicle every time that you wash it. You should, however, make sure that you give it a good cleaning each week.

Wipe down the seats with the appropriate cleaner and cleaning clothes. Take out your floor mats and get any debris out of the floor.

Use a microfiber detailing towel to wipe down your mirror as well as the inside of your windows. Streaky windows make you look like a sloppy and neglectful car owner and can get in the way of your vision when driving.

Each month you should go through and put protecting sprays on your dash and other areas that might be affected by the sun. You also should know that sunscreen in the dash is important when you want to deduce sun damage.

When it is time to do an all-out cleaning, don’t forget the door jams, seals and other areas of a car that you might not otherwise see. Open the glove box and make sure it is cleaned out. If you have anything in there that you don’t need — get it out and wipe the area before putting anything back in there.

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Author: Brandon Park