15 Crazy Traffic Rules You Didn’t Know About

Did you know it’s illegal to frown at a police officer?

Or what about this; it’s unlawful to have trash in your vehicle.


For every state, there is at least 1 bizarre on how traffic tickets affect car injury claim that you don’t know about. Sometimes, these rules might seem extremely obvious or maybe even somewhat unnecessary? 

Well, we’re going to have a little fun and introduce these rules to you. We’re going to look at 15 traffic rules you didn’t know.

Plus, we’ll give you a little hint on what to do if you do get caught violating these laws.   

So buckle up and enjoy the ride as we go through these rules implemented across the country. 

15 Bizarre Traffic Rules in the US

We all know the common traffic rules.

Stop at a red light.

Yellow lines separate moving traffic in opposite directions.

Yield to pedestrians. 

None of that. 

Instead, here are 15 bizarre traffic rules in the US alone.

Traffic Rule #1: Never drive blindfolded!  

Yes, in Alabama, there is an actual law that states “drivers aren’t allowed to drive while blindfolded.”

Don’t get us wrong, this is a very good rule. I mean, that will surely lead to an accident if you do. But you can’t help but think, “DUH! Obviously.”

Still, I’d say it’s better to be extra sure than sorry. 

Traffic Rule #2:  Pets are family, too

When traveling with a pet, it is illegal to tie it on the roof in Alaska. Yes, even if you drive VERY slowly. 

Just as I’m sure none of you will tie your kids to the vehicle’s roof (I hope), you shouldn’t do it with your pets. Treat them like family. 

Traffic Rule #3: No colorful headlights

In most states, they strictly prohibit vehicles from having red, blue, or red and blue flashing headlights. 

For one, this can be a distraction to other drivers. For another, your beam light should always highlight the colors of objects around you, and that’s not the case if it’s blue, red, or flashy. 

Okay, maybe we shouldn’t put this on a “bizarre rules list” as it’s necessary for safety. But this is actually a traffic rule that not a lot of people know. 

Traffic Rule #4: You can’t honk to get a drink

As we said, some of these traffic rules might seem a bit unnecessary, like this one from Arkansas…

You can’t honk at a place that serves cold drinks after 9 p.m. 

It might sound absurd. But there is a reason behind this. 

Chances are these stores/restaurants are probably already closed after 9 p.m. So if you honk, you’ll be disturbing the neighborhood. And no, they won’t open up just for you. 

Traffic Rule #5: Don’t hunt while driving, unless…

California, one of the biggest states, is going to have a lot of traffic rules, important and not-so-important ones. 

So what do you make of this one? 

It’s illegal to hunt wildlife from a moving vehicle, unless, of course, you’re hunting a whale.

Okay. Got it!

Traffic Rule #6: No missiles allowed

Speaking of bizarre traffic rules, you can’t throw any missile at a vehicle in Alamosa, Colorado. 

I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared.

To be sure, this might not mean actual missiles. Either way, don’t throw things at vehicles… EVER.

Traffic Rule #7: Don’t cross the street if not on your feet

If you’re in Hartford, Connecticut, it is illegal to cross the street while doing a handstand walk. 

It doesn’t matter how good you are, it could lead to a ticket. 

So the next time you’re crossing the street, don’t be tempted to try.

Traffic Rule #8: No changing

You have probably changed your clothes at least once in your vehicle. 

Well, that’s illegal in Delaware. 

Since it’s illegal to live in your car, changing clothes implies that it’s like your house. So you better find a public bathroom if you need to change out of your sweaty jogging shirt. 

Traffic Rule #9: Pay for your pet alligator

You might find this Florida traffic rule really funny. 

You have to pay the parking meter if you want to tie an alligator, elephant, or goat to it. 

So if you’re bringing your pet alligator with you, might as well bring extra money in case you need to “park” it outside. 

Traffic Rule #10: Spitting is gross

You’re not allowed to spit outside a car or bus in Marietta, Georgia.

Now, that’s an understandable law as you don’t want spit flying everywhere. 

However, here’s the odd bit. 

It isn’t illegal if you spit while on a truck. 

Traffic Rule #11: Hazard lights are a big NO

Hazard lights are very helpful to us when our vehicle is malfunctioning and we want other drivers to know. 

So it might be a surprise to you that, in Hawaii, hazard lights shouldn’t be turned on when in motion. So how are you supposed to warn other vehicles?

Traffic Rule #12: You need a steering wheel

You can get in serious trouble if you drive a vehicle without a steering one. 

One, because it’s against the law in Illinois. And two, how are you planning on avoiding other vehicles and objects without a steering wheel?

Traffic Rule #13: Enjoy your morning papers at home

Love reading the morning papers?

Well, you’re allowed to enjoy them any time you want…

Just make sure you aren’t reading it while sitting in the middle of the road in Michigan. 

Yes, that’s an actual law. 

Traffic Rule #14: Windshield wipers are a must

I know, it is a good law to have windshield wipers in all vehicles. How else is the driver going to see during heavy rain?

The only thing funny is, in Texas, you’re required to have windshield wipers, but it’s okay if your vehicle doesn’t have a windshield. Just as long as there are wipers, you won’t get a ticket. 

Traffic Rule #15: No littering!

I already mentioned this law at the start. And yes, it’s that you cannot have trash in your car. 

For what reason, I can’t really say. Except, you shouldn’t litter… even if it’s inside your car. 

So keep your car clean at all times or else you could end up with a ticket in South Carolina. 

How to Avoid Traffic Tickets

Caught violating one of these crazy traffic rules?

I know you’ll feel really bad about it. Not to mention, you might get caught with the other uncommon traffic rules you don’t know about. 

Good news! In some states, you can go to a traffic school to dismiss a ticket. Just make sure your court handler agrees to this. 

And if you find yourself in that situation, here is a list of the best online traffic schools for complete convenience, flexibility, and affordability. 


Okay, these 15 traffic rules you didn’t know are pretty weird and confusing. 

Still, it’s important to know and obey them, no matter how bizarre. I mean, you don’t want to get a ticket for something silly like crossing a street on your hands or throwing missiles at vehicles. 

Well, that is it for now. 

I hope you learned something and had a good laugh, too. 

Author: Brandon Park