2023 Ford Ranger, Polestar 5, three-row Porsche: Today’s Car News

Ford now has two pickup trucks. The compact Maverick just went on sale. Ford also revealed the redesigned Ranger Mid-Sizer today, ahead of next years’s launch. In the U.S. the Ranger Raptor high-performance Ranger Raptor version will arrive, while a hybrid variant is possible.

Polestar has a new rival for the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan. The Polestar 5 is the production version last year’s Precept Concept car. It will be available in showrooms by 2024.

In the second decade, a new Porsche with third-row seating could arrive. According to dealers, they were shown a larger model than the Cayenne and it looked more like a wagon than a crossover. It is possible that the Landjet Project, which will produce similar vehicles for Audi and Bentley, is behind the mystery vehicle.

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Author: Brandon Park