Rivian Owners Receive Delivery Windows For Their Vehicles, Majority Coming Within First Half Of 2022

Three weeks ago, Rivian’s first vehicle came off its production line. Now, after three weeks, owners finally have official delivery windows. This news is from Rivian Forums. They sent a letter to owners confirming the delivery date.

According to the letter, delivery window assignments were determined by vehicle configuration, location and pre-order date. It also noted that pre-order holders that equipped their Adventure or Explore Package will receive a delivery window before the year’s end, assuming they haven’t already got one yet.

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A poll on the forum also broke down the distribution of delivery windows, and here’s what it showed. A majority (78.9% of the R1T owners) stated that their trucks would arrive between March 2022 and June 2022. The majority of those who responded to the survey were interested in three months, with March-April being the most popular (27.0%) and 17.7% respectively.

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For the R1S there were less answers than for the R1T (385 and 202 respectively), but 76.2% of the owners stated that their SUV would arrive between May and September 2022. This was different from the R1T. It consisted of two three-month window windows (compared to 385 for the R1T), but the most common was July-September, which made up 11.7% of all responses, and 33.2% R1S.

It might have taken a while, but it’s refreshing to see Rivian actually delivering vehicles instead of going down in the books as yet another vaporware EV startup.

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Author: Brandon Park