5 Reasons Why SUV’s Are Making a Comeback In 2018

Every year, there are always new cars hitting the market that are ready to cater to its targeted driver. But one vehicle in particular that is currently trending is the SUV. It’s garnering attention for a reason! They’re multipurpose and an efficient choice for certain individuals and families.

These are five reasons why SUV’s are making a comeback in 2018:

  1. Many people live more active and adventurous lifestyles

Any person who loves to embrace the great outdoors and adventures needs a vehicle that fulfills their every need. An SUV is their ideal choice because of its large cargo space that can hold all the necessary equipment. In addition to its expansive storage space, most SUVs come equipped with roof-racks to handle sports’ gear. For example, you may love to hit the mountains for snowboarding every January: the SUV cargo space and racks can hold multiple snowboards, skis, and snow gear while still have an adequate and comfortable amount of room in the front for passengers.

  1. They’re built to combat harsh weather conditions and unconventional terrains

SUV’s are made to withstand harsh weather conditions, terrains, and climates, like floods or snow. While these are extreme cases, it shows that an SUV can handle off-roading, unlike its “everyday-commute” counterparts. If you wanted to go camping or drive through a canyon, the more rugged suspension and clearance make it better suited to climb over inclines and power through uneven surfaces.

  1. Large vehicles are inherently safer than smaller cars

The SUV’s increased weight lessens the impact of a crash, making it more effective at protecting you in an accident. Subsequently, because they are equipped with wide hoods and larger crumple zones, they prove to be beneficial when it comes to handling frontal crashes since they absorb the energy of the impact itself.

Plus, a safety feature that often comes standard in SUV’s are side air-bags. This is a feature especially valued by families who want to be extra cautious of their children’s safety, especially in a worse-case scenario.

  1. They can tow up to 7400 lbs – a perfect feature to utilize during a big move!

In the circumstance of preparing for a move, renting a moving truck is expensive, but with an SUV, you can tow your own furniture and personal items in a trailer to save money. This characteristic is also significant for people and businesses who must tow large weights often, such as stacks of wood and metal. Smaller cars get weighed down by the excessive weight of cargo, which damages multiple aspects of the vehicle. But an SUV can tackle that feat without any problems

  1. You can get good mileage out of an SUV

Depending on gas prices at the time, people are more willing to buy high-MPG SUV’s and make the most out of their cheaper mileage. Moreover, SUV’s have multiple models that are both efficient and ergonomic. They can be manufactured to be hybrid vehicles equipped with clean-burning diesel engines that are valued by individuals who want to be eco-conscious drivers.

In the market of vehicles, SUV’s are the four-wheel drive vehicles that are always a favored choice among individuals with active, outdoorsy, and adventurous lifestyles all the way to friendly families in your suburban neighborhood. If you’re looking to buy a new car, SUV’s can make their way to the top of your list. Take time to hunt for simple leasing deals that make it easier for you to pay off a lease or immediately purchase a car in the future! With a promising landscape of features and safety, you can bet that the SUV will make an impressive comeback in 2018.

Author: Brandon Park