5 Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

Whether it is a top of the line model with sleek lines, or a used but reliable car, there are several ways to keep your car looking like you just got it. A lot of people think that it is impossible to keep a car looking new without a full overhaul or just going out and buying a new one, but with these simple tips, it can look like it just rolled off the lot even if it is an older model.

1. Wash Your Vehicle Often

This may seem like a really obvious step, but you would be surprised at how many people just do not wash their cars, and end up needing more extensive detailing more often. It is not a time consuming chore once you have the proper process down pat and have assembled the appropriate equipment. You should aim to wash your vehicle once every few weeks, or more often if your weather and environment require it. Make sure, before you set out to wash your car, that you have everything that you will need, from a hose set up with a good spray nozzle to soft cloths. Use a coat of wax to give it an unbeatable shine.

2. Get it Properly Detailed

You might have the idea that getting your car detailed involves a lot of work. Actually, the detailers just apply a coat of protectant to a lot of surfaces. Everything from the exterior of the car to the interior including the seats and the dashboard are given a coat of protection that will give it a long lasting shine and protect it from abrasions. Getting the outside of your car detailed will make the paint slicker, adding to its overall health and vitality and keeping your car looking like new.

3. Use Leather Conditioner on Interior Fixtures

Too many people who own cars are only concerned with how the outside of it looks. They neglect the interior, and this can lead to cracking leather, discoloration from the sun and other issues. A high quality leather conditioner that is designed for use in cars will not only moisturize and soften the leather, but it will pump it with some UV protection to safeguard it from further sun damage. Even if you do not have leather seats in your car, work some conditioner into other surfaces, like the vinyl coating on doors and your console. This will give them shine and strength.

4. Use a Tire Conditioner to Lengthen the Life of Your Tires

With so much attention paid to the rest of the car, the condition of the tires tends to suffer. Give the whole automobile a well maintained, cohesive look by keeping your tires conditioned and in good shape. A worn and faded looking set of tires can add years to the age of your car.. Get the best performance out of them and keep your car looking great by showing them a little care and love.

5. Keep Your Windows Clean

One thing is for sure, you definitely should not operate a vehicle when your vision is impaired even a little by dirt. Make sure your windows are kept spotless. A bright, shining set of windows can make your car look like it just rolled off the lot. This is not only a cosmetic thing, but it is also a safety concern. You want to keep the windows sparkling and like crystal so that you can better see the road in front of you. Even if you regularly wash your car, you want to be extra vigilant about the windows. A small smudge or spot of dirt can block an important obstacle from view.

Keeping your car looking like you just bought it is something a lot of people aspire to, but they think it will cost a lot or take a lot of effort. However, with these easy and quick tips, you can keep it looking great and performing really well for years to come.

Author: Mike