Automobiles Are Reshaping the Restaurant Business

It’s not surprising that restaurant businesses have started to monetize take-out and delivery, given how mobile our lives are. Restaurant owners can now expand their client base and maximize their revenue, whether it be through pizza delivery orders or drive-up pub takeout with drive-up or auto-based drive-up or auto-based delivery services.  Restaurant owners are improving their operations by making their services more car friendly.  Keeping customers in their cars, and out of expensive in-house seating allows restaurants greater control over menu selections and revenue streams as they transition away from sit-down eating.

The most fundamental choice restaurant owners have to make in deciding to add a food drive-up or auto based drive-up or auto-based delivery service to a restaurant is whether to recruit an employed team of drivers or employ a third-party provider. Owners that don’t have the required funds to develop a delivery system can turn to companies like FinImpact to find the best small business loans for restaurants.

Why do consumers enjoy online restaurant drive-up or auto-based delivery services? Let’s get straight to it.

Why Should a Restaurant Offer Drive-up or Auto Based Delivery Services?

Offering drive-up or auto-based delivery services will help a restaurant stand out from the crowd or at the very least, keep up with the most progressive offerings in a market. 

These services are highly useful since they let customers place orders from home or their work site without leaving. It also encourages customers to go over the menus of restaurants they haven’t heard of before and may even inspire them to check out new cuisines.

The sales and earnings of third-party delivery companies will increase as this industry continues to grow. Furthermore, a lot of experts think that excluding delivery will harm businesses that provide food services.

Delivery can only help a brand gain more recognition if the establishment already has a solid client base and market presence. If potential clients have never heard of the restaurant, they can’t place an order. To be accessible to clients who might not have previously tasted the cuisine once you’re on the delivery circuit, which will result in higher revenues.

6 Tips To Prepare a Restaurant

Here are the most effective tips to prepare a restaurant for delivery and takeaway.

#1: Get The Word Out

One may promote drive-up or auto-based delivery services and distribute flyers by including the phone number on the website, business cards, and in-store. Additionally, ensure that there is a “Delivery” button that leads to a page that displays all the delivery options.

You may run promotions focused on your deliveries to spread the word about your drive-up or auto-based delivery services. Also, you can use social media for advertising your restaurant by including an easily accessible link in the posts or images. With drive-up or auto-based delivery services, your restaurant can attract customers who don’t live nearby.

#2: Establish A Space for Delivery

You will assist your delivery drivers in being more efficient by designating an area where they can pick up orders without having to wait in line behind clients. Customers may pick up their orders in this space, which also functions as a carry-out area.

Create an area specifically for staff to wrap takeout and delivery orders to boost productivity. Customers who choose not to pay by phone or online should be directed to the takeout checkout station.

#3: Update Your Technology

Your customers may browse your menu, place an order, and pay for your services through online ordering platforms.

Thanks to mobile ordering applications, customers can easily place orders regardless of where they are—at home, on the road, or at work. Your drive-up or auto-based delivery service may be streamlined, and you can draw in more clients by modernizing your ordering system.

#4: Make A Suitable Menu for Delivery and Takeaway

Limit the number of products on your delivery list if you’re just starting off. You can focus on low-cost but high-profit, quickly prepared, and high-shelf-life foods as labor can be limited.

Find items on your menu that utilize the same components or preparation to save cooking time and inventory costs. Make sure to adapt your products, especially the best-sellers, so they may be transported a distance while maintaining their taste.

You need to be sure that the food you serve your clients is delectable and inviting so that you can count on repeat business!

#5: Provide Training for Your Food Delivery Staff

If you decide to build your own delivery fleet, you must establish a training program for your delivery personnel. Educate your delivery personnel on properly carrying orders to consumers, packing food and drink orders into their vehicles, and utilizing insulated delivery bags.

Using third-party drive-up or auto-based delivery services removes the necessity to train your drivers because these companies utilize their own professional delivery drivers. However, your in-house staff still must pack and prepare the orders for pickup.

#6: Pay Close Attention to The Packaging

Assuring quality packaging for takeaway and delivery will immediately improve the client experience and happiness, even if it involves spending a bit more money. Customers won’t place another order from you if they receive food that is cold, soggy, messy, difficult to eat from, or difficult to move. 

It is critical to use strong, flat-bottomed, well-insulated, or ventilated packaging to guarantee the quality of the food. Use transparent packaging wherever you can so that your personnel can see what is given to the drivers and that the customers can confirm what they accept and minimize mistakes.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that you have complete control over how you grow your restaurant drive-up or auto-based delivery service.

You may create your own delivery system or collaborate with third-party services to distribute your food. While hiring new delivery drivers and outsourcing everything can be enticing, keep in mind that you will be accountable for upholding quality and client satisfaction.

Assure that the client experience is outstanding and that you can satisfy the demand for your food drive-up or auto-based drive-up or auto-based delivery services, regardless of the method you choose to complete deliveries.

Author: Doug