Back Bumper Repair Costs: Things You Must Know

If you’ve been in a minor collision, you might think it’s not worth getting your bumper repaired – it’s probably just cosmetic or minor damage, right? And you may not want to use your car insurance company as it could cause future premiums to increase.

In fact, bumper repairs can often be done quite easily at an auto body shop, and you might not have to claim on your auto insurance. The bumper is well worth looking after – it can prevent more serious damage in a future collision, and you’ll certainly want to get your car repaired if you are planning to sell it. A damaged bumper is a big turn-off to potential buyers or might be illegal depending on the level of damage.

What are the Different Types of Bumper Damage?

There are quite a few issues that can arise with your bumper following an auto accident. Rear bumpers can suffer from scratches and scrapes, dents, cracks and tears, broken hooks and fasteners, or you could even find yourself with a loose bumper following more serious collisions. There might also be internal damage such as a broken brake light assembly or damage to the parking sensors or rear view camera.

Should I Repair or Replace my Bumper?

A damaged, dented bumper should always be checked out at a body repair shop, but will you need a replacement bumper or is it easily fixable?

The following issues can usually be taken care of easily, without the involvement of insurance companies if you wish or alternatively go with back bumper repair specialists.


A light scratch can be painted over or removed, but deep paint scratches are a bit more difficult to treat. Large scratches are usually no problem to work with, but deep scratches are harder to remove.

Smaller Dents

Traditional dent repair involves pulling out a small dent and a repaint afterwards. A larger dent or any holes in the bumper require more work.

Loose Bumper

If all the hooks and fasteners are undamaged, you might not need a new bumper – a decent bumper repair should be able to have it as good as new in no time.

However, if you notice any of the following faults with your bumper, it’s probably time to have it replaced.

Large Dents, Holes or Cracks

Whilst it might be possible to fix these, they can weaken your bumper, leaving your car prone to more major damage should a future collision occur.

Paint Damage

If most of the bumper is suffering from paint damage, or several parts of the bumper have paint damage, it is probably easier to replace it.

Broken Fasteners

If your bumper is falling off, it could potentially be reattached so long as the fasteners and hooks are undamaged. If they are broken, the repair process is more difficult and it’s better to look into a new bumper.

How Much Does a Rear Bumper Replacement Cost?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap. Depending on the level of damage and your vehicle model, be prepared to spend up to $1700. Most insurance companies offer bumper cover, so you might want to check with your insurance provider to see if you’re covered.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Cracked Rear Bumper?

Thankfully, repair costs are generally cheaper. The overall bumper repair cost will vary depending on what parts are needed as well as how much the repair shops charge per hour for labor. Minor issues will cost a few hundred dollars upwards to repair. Again, check your car insurance policy as you might be covered.

Could Anything Else be Damaged?

Unfortunately, if you’ve had a major bump, it might not be just the bumper that is damaged. You might also find damage in the following areas:

  • Taillights and fog lights
  • Cameras and sensors
  • Tire, suspension or frame damage

That’s why it’s always worth getting any damage to your bumper checked out. The cost to repair these issues can be significant, so you might find it worthwhile to make an insurance claim.

Author: Brandon Park