Need to Store a Car? Here Are Some Options

If you are looking for a place to stow your car, you likely aren’t alone. Storing automobiles is an incredibly common task undertaken by people of every background. From military service members who need to store their vehicles to individuals with seasonal cars, secured storage solutions are often a necessity. As the average person will own more than 9 cars throughout their lifetime, it stands to reason that storage might become important.

Today, we are going to explore a few of the most common storage options for vehicle owners. During our discussion, we’ll highlight the importance of self-storage as well as the proper process to undertake so that your car is safe during storage.

Best Places to Store Your Vehicle

Storage unit rentals are a bit more complicated when it comes to vehicles. Unlike a traditional storage unit where you can just unload box after box, you will likely have deeper considerations. Your vehicle will have certain storage requirements that must be met and those need to be mirrored by the appropriate storage environment. There are a few storage options that may come to mind, so let’s highlight one of them below.

Secured Self-Storage Solves Your Vehicle Needs

If you are looking for a safe and effective long-term storage solution, consider partnering with SecurCare Self Storage in Oklahoma City. Secured self-storage facilities are perfect for short and long-term storage solutions for vehicles. Prioritize larger storage units to ensure that you have the means to work on your vehicle should that be required.

Advantages of a Secured Self-Storage Unit

24/7 Security Benefits – Secured storage facilities often employ secured fencing, video monitoring, and resident managers to protect your property. This is a huge plus for those wanting to store pricey vehicles.

Flexible Sizing – Secured self-storage units come in several different sizes and shapes. SecurCare offers vehicle storage units measuring 10 x 20.

Climate Control – If you are storing your vehicle for the season, a climate-controlled unit ensures that your vehicle is comfortably secured. Climate control is ideal especially if you plan on working with your vehicle while it is in storage.

Preparing For Long-term Storage

While every car will have its unique storage challenges, there are a few areas that you will want to focus on no matter what. There is a huge difference between not using your car and storing it for months on end. To protect your vehicle, consider implementing the following techniques before locking your vehicle away.

Service Your Car – Before you lock the door for the season, consider scheduling a full service and tune-up. Top off fluids, change your oil, and empty your windshield washer fluid to prevent potential freezing.

Fill the Fuel Tank – Fuel your vehicle to the brim with fresh, high-quality fuel. This ensures that your tank remains fresh without leaving room for moisture to accumulate. A gasoline stabilizer might also be ideal to prevent spoilage over time.

Are you ready to tackle your storage solutions? Use our tips to get started with the best automobile self-storage around!

Author: Brandon Park