Best CJ7 and CJ5 Jeep Wrangler Accessories Spring 2022

CJ7 and CJ5 Jeep Wranglers are the ideal vehicles for off-roading. Not only are they sturdy, but they’re also easily compatible with accessories that take your off-roading experience to the next level. Here are the top products to add to your CJ7 or CJ5 this spring.

Off-Roading Rims

Give your Jeep wheels a boost by investing in off-roading rims from top brands such as Black Rhino, Dirty Life, and Method. Off-roading rims are bigger to accommodate for off-roading tires’ larger size, and they are usually made of steel to withstand all the jolting and scratching. Because steel is heavier than the alloys usually used for rims, off-roading rims are heavier than your Jeep’s original equipment manufacturer parts, giving you more stability on the trail.

Upgraded Windshield Frames

Your windshield also needs to be sturdy if you’re off-roading this spring. Keep this crucial piece of glass from getting scratched or shattered by debris by investing in a new Jeep CJ7 windshield frame. Like your rims, the sturdiest windshield frames are made of steel. Choose from frames made by brands such as PPR Industries, Crown, and Omix.

Seat Covers

Whether you’re hitting the backroads or cruising down the highway, purchasing new seat covers is a great way to add some luxury to your ride. Choose tactical seat covers for extra cushioning and a pop of color, or go with solid faux leather covers to protect your cushions from mud, rain, and sweat.

Heavy-Duty Bumpers

Browsing the collection of Jeep Gladiator aftermarket bumpers gives the front of your Jeep some protection if your favorite trails don’t get a lot of traffic. Bumpers that are rated for off-roading are especially helpful if you have to use your winch to pull another off-roader out of a ravine. Look for bumpers that have an extra rod that covers your grille and that are made of steel instead of plastic.

Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are rods or steps that attach to the side of your Jeep, making it easier to climb in. They’re perfect if one of your passengers has mobility issues, if you park on muddy ground, or if you just like how they look. Pick models that don’t extend too far past the sides of your Jeep so that they don’t get caught as you drive.

Lift Kits

If you wish that your CJ5 or CJ7 was just a little taller, install a lift kit this spring. You can lift your Jeep over 8 inches with kits that replace your original suspension system. Top brands include Rough Country, Rubicon Express, and Teraflex.

Audio System Upgrades

Once you’re satisfied with how your Jeep looks, think about how your audio sounds. Swap out your old speakers for a new head unit to maximize your volume, or add a soundbar to your roof. If you prefer the radio over your AUX cord, invest in a new antenna from Rugged Ridge or RT Off-Road. Also, if you have a ham radio installed, it also makes sense to invest in some reliable ham radio antennas.

Maximize your time on rough roads and unused trails by trying these CJ7 and CJ5 Jeep accessories in spring 2022.

Author: Brandon Park