BMW M will offer retro badges in 2022 to mark 50th anniversary

BMW M celebrates 50 years of existence in 2022. We will have badges inspired from the early emblems on some BMW M race cars.

For BMW M vehicles or BMW regular cars fitted with the M Sport package, these badges can be used as an alternate to standard designs.

It will be available from late January 2022. BMW M doesn’t know how long the option will remain available. BMW M stated that it would also be offering 50 historically important paint finishes to select models. These include Dakar Yellow and Fire Orange as well as Macao Blue, Macao Blue, Macao Violet, Macao Blue, Imola Red, Daytona Violet, Daytona Violet, Macao Blue, Macao Blue, Macao Blue, Macao Blue, Macao Blue, Macao Blue, Macao Violet, Macao Blue and Macao Blue.

The actual 50th anniversary for BMW M’s founding is May 24, 2022. BMW M’s official motorsport arm, tuner, has many more plans, including unveiling new products. We know that a new flagship crossover will be coming. The XM could also be known as the flagship crossover. It will go on display in November. An M3 wagon will be coming along with a M4 hardcore, which could revive the CSL badge. A concept electric car that is based upon the M2 has also been rumored.

BMW was home to several teams racing teams before the creation of BMW M. Bob Lutz in 1972, who is the head of BMW sales, pushed the idea to create a BMW motorsport division. This would bring together all the activities under one roof. BMW M was established in that year. It was the initial project to improve the 3.0 CSL racecar, which had been a huge success at European Touring Car Championships and Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. Although it was not the first BMW M model, the homologation-special 3.0 CSL homologation vehicle was released on the market in 1972. The M1 was the first BMW M car to make its debut in Paris at the auto show.

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Author: Brandon Park