Common Car Repair Costs

New or old, your car will eventually need standard repairs and maintenance. These costs are a part of life, no matter how much of a nuisance they are. However, planning ahead can help you mitigate costs by setting some spare cash aside. Here are the most common you should prepare for. 

Under $500

Simple repairs rarely top $500, with windshield replacements being the most expensive. It isn’t everyday that a rock flies up and cracks your windshield, but it happens enough for companies like Safelite AutoGlass to exist. You can expect to pay up to $300 for a new windshield. 

Spark plugs and engine coolant temperature sensors are another common repair, costing between $100 and $200 apiece. You can avoid these two with regular maintenance, but you’ll eventually need your transmission fluid flushed. One flush can range from $75 to $150. 

Finally, there’s your air filter. Replacing this regularly can help keep the cost down to as low as $25, but buildup and debris could bring the cost to $100. The more a shop has to do with your filter, the more it’s going to cost. Did you know that keeping up on minor repairs like these can aid in a DUI defense?

From $500 to $1,000

As time goes on, there are a number of repairs that can no longer be ignored. New tires, for instance, are a necessity at some point. New tires and installation can range from $600 to $800. Timing belts wear out around 60,000-100,000 miles, costing drivers anywhere from $500 to $950. 

Around 100,000 miles, your water pump also needs replaced. While the part costs under $100, the labor-intensive nature of the repair brings the price up to $300 at the least and $750 at the most. Finally, there’s your radiator. Once this goes bad, it’s about a $500 repair. 

Over $1,000

For older cars or those involved in accidents, repairs coming in at over $1,000 are inevitable. Head gaskets and your car’s transmission are on the low end here, costing between $1,000 and $3,000 each. These there’s your suspension system, which includes various parts ranging from shocks to struts and tie rods. A new system runs up to $3,500. 

The most expensive repair in this category is your airbags, with cost ranging from $3,000 to $6,000. That wide price range comes from the location and number of airbags in your vehicle as well as any additional parts based on your car’s model. 

Don’t Wait

While these repairs can be pricey and often happen at the most inopportune times, it’s important to take care of them as fast as possible. Most will cause more damage to your vehicle when left unrepaired, leading to an even higher price tag down the road.

Even worse, faulty systems could lead to an auto accident where you’re found at fault for failing to repair your vehicle. While a $1,000 or more price tag stings, it’s better than having to hire a wrongful death lawyer for your defense in court. 

Author: Marty Shumaker