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    Cruise Control: A Danger Or Convenience?

    Is cruise control a powerful speed-controlling tool while out on long drives, or a hidden danger that might cause you undue trouble on the road? While it certainly has its advantages, professionals from various fields — automotive experts, car accident lawyers, and even first responders — note that there are some drawbacks you should be […]

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    Are rideshare companies required to have wheelchair accessible vehicles

    Over the past decade, Uber and Lyft have swept the nation with their revolutionary transportation model. While the ease of the apps and transparency from driver to rider make these companies incredibly popular, they fail to accommodate everyone.  Individuals with a disability that requires them to use a wheelchair are particularly excluded from the excitement […]

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    What Happens If You Get a DUI While Driving a Rental Car?

    Being arrested for driving under the influence comes with hefty fines, court dates, and could cause you to lose your license just to name a few repercussions. What happens if you were driving a rental car, though? Here’s how a DUI in a rental can impact your driving eligibility and other factors in the future.  […]

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    What Does the Future Hold for Self-Driving Cars?

    You’ve probably heard by now that self-driving cars are the way of the future. While this industry has taken a while to catch on, the changes taking place behind the scenes are about to propel these autonomous vehicles (and the world) into the future.  The question on most people’s minds, however, is what the future […]

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    Common Car Repair Costs

    New or old, your car will eventually need standard repairs and maintenance. These costs are a part of life, no matter how much of a nuisance they are. However, planning ahead can help you mitigate costs by setting some spare cash aside. Here are the most common you should prepare for.  Under $500 Simple repairs […]

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    Highway Driving Safety Tips

    Did you know that an approximate nine people die each day in an auto accident? While these fatalities can happen anywhere, increased incidents of driving under the influence (DUI) and the high speeds of drivers on the roadways dramatically increase the chances of a deadly wreck. To keep you and your loved ones safe while […]