Common Causes of Accidents Between Cars and Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle is as dangerous as driving an automobile. The difference is that when people are in accidents while riding a motorcycle, they are more likely to be wounded. Grippy tires, powerful brakes, and superb handling are common characteristics of today’s motorcycles. Even with these instruments, motorcycle riders must rely on a highly personal tool, their brain, to avoid mishaps. Simply being more attentive and putting our minds to work can substantially reduce the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. 

However, enrolling in a motorcycle education course is one of the first things you should do if you want to prevent getting into an accident. At the very least, most states need a licensure exam, but many more require a course. Furthermore, your education isn’t the only advantage you have. Knowledge is a potent weapon. Continue reading to learn how you might aid in the prevention of some of the most common causes of accidents. 

Open Car Doors 

What do you do when a car unexpectedly opens its door in front of you while you’re riding? All you can do now is brake as hard as you can, or you will collide with each other. The more slowly you travel, the better. 

Accidents involving motorcycles are unavoidable in some cases. However, others require a little knowledge and education to avoid. If you’re going to ride a bike, spend some time learning how to be as safe as possible.  

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Lack of Perception 

Many drivers fail to assess the space between themselves and an oncoming motorcycle. Drivers frequently drive out in front of a motorcycle rider, oblivious to the pace at which the rider travels. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommended that vehicles wait for motorbikes to pass before entering any highway or city street. 

When a motorcyclist fails to wait before approaching a junction, they risk having to use emergency braking, which can hurl the rider over the handlebars. The rider may also lose control of the motorcycle, causing it to slip out from beneath them. In either situation, the rider will collide with the road’s hard surface or another vehicle, causing devastating injury or death. 

Drowsy Driving 

Lack of sleep or undiscovered medical issues are frequently blamed for drowsy driving. When riding a motorcycle, you cannot know what another driver is doing as they pass you by. However, you stay concentrated by keeping your eyes on the road, even if the person next to you just got out of a bar or did a long shift without sleep. Alternatively, the driver in front of you might not have done any of these things but still fail to keep an eye out for motorcycles. Their failure to glance twice or be attentive could affect your life instantly. Every day, we are surrounded by negligent drivers, and no matter how cautiously you drive, you may come across one. 

Car Turning Left 

When a car turns left in front of a motorcycle, one of the most common motorcycle versus vehicle accidents happens. You must anticipate this type of accident to avoid it. Keep an eye out for signals a vehicle is attempting to turn in front of you.  Significantly, a car stopped at an intersection, in a traffic jam, or approaching a driveway or parking lot. Assume that the car will turn if you are in one of these circumstances. Slow down as much as possible and resist the urge to sit down on your bike. 

Getting Hit From Behind 

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Perhaps you slam on the brakes to avoid colliding with a kitten on the road. Perhaps the automobile in front of you slams on the brakes, causing you to do so. Whatever the reason for your quick stop, the vehicle behind you will hit your rear tire. When you must come to a complete stop, do so on one of the lane’s edges. This will result in you being clipped rather than crumpled. However, if you have the chance to get ahead of a line of cars, take advantage of it. If you are hit, the less impact you will receive, the more cars hit behind you. 


A motorbike collision caused by another motorist is a severe problem that necessitates legal assistance. When another driver is drunk, in a hurry, or distracted, public safety campaigns to “share the road” or “give a second look a second thought” are ineffective. Significantly, when your injuries are severe, you may have to stay in the hospital for a long time, undergo treatments, have surgery, and miss work. Even though you are constantly worried about your bills, your situation’s emotional and financial stress necessitates rest. 

Insurance firms often make an initial settlement offer soon after the accident to resolve the matter fast. While their initial offer may appear to be a substantial sum, it is unlikely to cover your future medical needs. Remember that insurance companies have their interests in mind, not yours. It’s a good idea to speak with a personal injury lawyer about the specifics of your case. It is in your best interests to avoid signing anything until you have talked to an attorney.

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